Welcome to the world........

.... my gorgeous baby Brandon. Just a quickie as I haven't much time but as soon as I have i'll tell you girls all about his birth. He was born at 11.25pm on Thursday 15th July weighing 6lbs 7oz.
He is absolutely amazing and his Daddy and I are over the moon. Still feel very sad when I think of what should have been with Ryan, but I can't help but smile inside and out when I see and hold my beautiful baby, who I am so thankful for beyond words.
Had to stay in hospital until tea time Sunday due to the group b strep. I was given one dose of antibiotics in labour, but because he was born on the Thursday at 36+6 he was classed as premature and so he had to be given antibiotics and had some tests done which took 48hrs for the results. Its crazy, if he had come on the Friday, just one day later he would have been classed as term and they would have just observed him for 24hrs.
I can't tell you what it felt like to give birth to Brandon and to hear him cry. I broke my heart. The silence after I gave birth to Ryan was soul destroying.
Wanted to say thankyou to you all for your kind words and advice over the last few months. You have all really helped me when no-one else could. I hope you are all well and I will try and post a proper BA as soon as I can. Look forward to talking with you all again very soon.
Take care, lots of love, Kathryn xxx


  • Oh lovely, congratulations I really am over the moon for you. Brandon, what a gorgeous name and god I can not wait to hear the cry at the end of labour. It must have been an incredibly emotional experience on so many levels and I'm just so pleased it's resulted in a beautiful baby boy at home with you.
    Take care of yourself and congratulations again x
  • Oh I've been waiting to hear your news! Congratulations on your little boy! I love the name too! I can't wait to hear my baby cry too, it's what I'm looking forward to the most, hearing that first cry!

    Enjoy being a mummy and can't wait to read your BS and see a pic!

  • Well done hun, such brilliant news!!! Really really pleased that all is well. Thank you for all the support that you've given to me over the last couple of months. You deserve to be happy, enjoy motherhood again. I don't log on much anymore but so glad that i checked in to see how you are x

    Big hugs xxx
  • Amazing news!.... You have made my day. xxx image
  • Hi Katy,
    I've got tears streaming, hope no-one walks into the office!!! I'm so so happy for you and your OH, your happiness is long overdue and well deserved!! Brandon is a lovely name too. Huge congratulations to you both xx
  • Thanks so much for all the kind words Girls. I am hoping to put a pic on but as i've never attempted to before now I might be on a while trying!!

    Hope everyone is doing well? Natasha, i'm always thinking about you and hoping with all my heart that you are managing to cope as best is physically possible. Jackie, you'll have to stop loggging on at work, lol - I don't know about you but once the tears start with me they take quite a while to stop!!!
    If anyone can help with how you go about putting a pic on i'd appreciate it.
    Take care all, Luv Kathryn xxx
    Take care, Luv Kathryn
  • Hope you don't mind me G/C but just had to say congratulations. Have followed your story and you so deserve yor wonderful boy. Best wishes to you xx
  • G/C

    Just wanted to say congratulations.

    Wonderful news xx
  • wel done hunnie sooooo hapy for u , i felt he same for charie when i had l ella take care love viki x
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