19 week scan...

Went well, image

We are having another little girl so a little pink bump for us. All measurments were 'avereage' and everything seems fine! I'm so relieved! My next appointment is a checkup at 22 weeks, then appointment for high risk clinic and anti D injection (I'm rhesus neg) then scan at 30 weeks and scan at 34 weeks... And also weekly from 30 weeks I will go in for what they call 'day care' for monitering. And fingers crossed all being well 'bumpette' will be born between 37-38 weeks by c-section image


  • Hi CeilidhA, i'm so pleased everything was well at your scan. Another little girl, how lovely, but most importantly that everything is ok.
    When will they give you a date for your c - section?
  • congratulations!
    how lovely another little girl!
    so pleased everything was ok.
    its good u r getting looked after well!
    take care
    Lisa xx
  • Congrats, thats brilliant news. So glad all is well and that you're getting the care you deserve xxx
  • That's fantastic news image Your little girl must be looking down on you all x
  • Hi,
    Thats great news, I'm really happy for you. It's great that you are being looked after so well too. These next couple of months will fly by for you xx
  • Aww thanks girls, I really am so happy... Just wish we had Darcey here with us to share the excitment of her new baby sister! I guess that would make this world to much of a simple perfect place to be....

    I didn't get a date for the section and he didn't actually say when i would get it, I hope i find out at the next few appointments. I am being bad!... i browsing online at pinkness! All things that we dont need... I just cant help it! I just pray to god that we get to bring this baby girl home with us at the end of it all.... Please God xxx
  • Hi ceilidhA,

    Enjoy looking at pinkness!! I pray for that too for you and your family xxx
  • ah chick thats great bless u i'm glad they are looking after u well , i'm having my section on the 24th june as like u i just need to bring this baby home safely now i hope these 8 weeks fly by take care chick xxxx
  • Thats great news...a beautiful little girl, I'm so pleased for you xxxx
  • Congratulations, how lovely and I'm glad you're being well looked after. I'm also rh -ve and the amount of fear that's given me over the last year is crazy. Anti d is my demanded drug image
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