there is a baby there yippee

Hi everyone
i went for my early scan today and i was so scared i cant tell u , i was waiting for them to say it was a phantom pg because it was so early after charlie but there it was a tiny jelly bean with a lovely strong heart beat ,

I was so happy i cried they put me back a week tho , which makes me 7 +2 not 8+2 like i thought he did say that coould change tho as it was so early i have also got 2 cysts on each ovary but he wasnt concernd about them said they would prob go on there own
i have to go back in 2 weeks for another scan so hopefully they may change dates back to what i had he said as i've only had one af since i had charlie they didnt know when i ov , i just feel so happy there was a heart beat and it is real , its still really early days at the mo but all the sign's so far are good,

i couldnt help thinking of my darling charlie i so hope he's happy about this new little life i'm carrying its so very hard to deal with all the emotions u feel i miss him so much and i'm so happy about this new babay but dont want to get to excited incase i'm left herat broken again , any way just wanted to let u all know take care hugs to u all victoria xxx


  • Hi,
    Congratulations, that is fantastic and promising news!! Charlie has sent you this baby and he will be happy that his Mummy is happy. Make sure the midwifes take good care of you, sending you big happy hugs xx
  • Great news Victoria.

    George, x
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