I'm still pregnant........ :D

I'm still pregnant .... image

I've been for my scan and baby still there with a beautiful heart beating away. My bp was a little high so they want to keep an eye on me for that and I'm still petrified and not feeling much movement. I really resent how much joy is being sucked out of all of this but just so happy I'm over halfway and pray I get my baby this time image

And my feelings were right as we're expecting another little girl! I was told not to rush out and buy lots of pink but tbh had no intention of doing much baby shopping until the last few weeks anyway and that will just be necessities and a few sleepsuits (ooh and a pink blanket) as we still have a lot saved from ????zachariah. I might pluck up the courage to tell the family I'm pregnant now although I'm going to keep the gender a secret until she's here image????

Hope everyone else is doing well, I can't believe how far along so many of you are now and I really hope it's all going well x????


  • Congratulations honey xx
  • Lovely news hun! And a little girl how precious! Xxx
  • Thats geat news x
  • Hello you,
    So glad to hear all is well, got your mail and will reply!! I totally understand how you are feeling at the moment, but think of the joy you'll have when you have a wonderful little girl in your arms. Thats what keeps me going, big hugs and great news xx
  • Hi W4B, i'd been wondering how your scan went. Thats fantastic news, awh a little girl, and I know how relieved you must be that everything is ok (as I was myself at my 20wk scan). I understand though that these feelings are short lived and you will probably start worrying again (I did, and have always done anyway) I'm not going to say try not to worry as I know myself its impossible. It is a very stressful and trying time, and I feel sad that we are stripped of enjoying our pregnancies like so many other lucky women can do.
    I can't believe you still haven't told anyone yet.
    Take care, Luv kathryn xxx
  • Thank you everyone.
    Katy my parents know and a few friends I see to often to hide it, I've just been so scared to day it out loud and something go wrong, and I dontvwant to get myself too excited (although tbh I know at any point it's heartbreaking) ... I will tell people eventually I just don't need the added pressure of others excitement if that makes sense image
  • Hi W4B, what you said makes perfect sense. When I found out I was pregnant again I didn't want to say anything either, but my OH told his parents so I felt I had to tell mine, who then told others!!! I remember thinking that I didn't want people to know incase something went wrong, but then I thought if something did happen then i'd want those closest to know why I was upset, etc.
    If you can refrain from telling people then I don't blame you.
    I don't know why but this time around I have managed to avoid certain people. They know i'm pregnant I just don't want to see them, and its mainly because of the way they were after Ryan died. No doubt if this baby gets here safe and sound they'll sharp be over to see him, where as they didn't even bother before. No baby, no visit, well they can get lost!!!! Sorry, it just still bugs me now!!!
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
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