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I have just bought our first baby purchase!!

It took a lot of encouragemant from OH but I did it!!....

I had been browsing online and came across a really cute pale pink bodysuit with 'bambi 'on the front, and a wee white t shirt with a bow on it... OH texted from work to ask what i was up to, and i replied saying i had seen the cutest little bodysuit for 'bumpette', His reply was, when does it arrive???! lol I replied saying i would wait a bit longer then buy it and he said well if i hadnt ordered it by the time he was home, he would do it. So when he got home, after some gentle encouragemant and a lot of faffing around with the website, We ordered it! YEY.... I feel quite pleased with myself but also worrying ive 'jinxed' things, which is silly. Has anyone else bought??? xx

20 weeks today with 'bumpette' image


  • I totally understand why your worried but you need to listen to OH & try to enjoy your pregnancy...I'm so excited for you! Have you been looking ar anything else?
  • Just really little outfits, here and there. There is just so many cute things, I could spend a fortune! All we NEED is a pram/travel system as thats the only thing we took back after we lost Darcey.

    I have got my eye on the mamas and papas sola, but i haven't yet seen it 'in person' so wont make any final decisions until i've seen it and had a wee play.... Other than that, it will just be little bits and bobs i pick up and some special outfits that i want to buy specially' for bumpette!

    How are you getting on?? xx
  • Good for you, your OH is right. You're going to need things when bumpette (love that name) arrives and you have to start some time. I'm as apprehensive as you are, I'm 17+2 now and have only invested in 2 all in one coats that we saw in the sale, they're a lovely chocolate colour and have ears which my OH loved, and that is it. We'll probably be like you and wait until after the 20 week scan. Well done for doing that today, it was a brave and difficult thing to do xx
  • Yay, i'm glad you gave in. It's hard to feel positive but you must, you're past the halfway mark you need to relax and enjoy the last few weeks. You're being well looked after x
  • Good for you! It's so hard isn't it! I gave in a couple of weeks ago and now am finaly at the stage where I enjoy shopping for my baby girl hun....hope you find the same!

    Take care!
  • Hi, your little bumpette outfit sounds adorable. I'm still terrified to buy anything even though i've been tempted on several occasions. Mind, with me once I start then there'll be no stopping me, so financially i'm better off waiting!!! Like yourself I only really need the pram/car seat, as that was the only thing we returned after Ryan died (bloody got delivered aswell on the day they told me he'd died!!) I will probably end up spending a fortune on things we don't need, but I know eventually I will have to buy some things just for this baby.
    Take care, Luv kathryn xxx
  • hiya,
    well done getting stuff!.. i was so scared to get anything after what happened before so i did a mothercare baby plan and got it delivered last week 26th april!
    now my cot and pram are all assembled im still nervous!
    terrible how we cant just relax and let go eh?
    like ive said before i doubt any of us will relax and enjoy pregnancy again!
    take care
    Lisa xx
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