I've finally bought a pram!!!!

Hi Girls, hope everyone is well?
I have finally gone against everything I have said and caved in and bought the pram. We dropped it straight off at my OH's parents house though! I am leaving it in the boxes though incase it needs to be returned!!!
Don't know how you are all coping but as my due date gets nearer i'm getting more and more scared. I saw the midwife yesterday and after a chat she said I should push the consultant to induce me at 37wks and not 38wks as discussed. I have an app to see the consultant on Tues 29th June after i've been for my 3rd growth scan, so if I have to beg, then i'll beg, lol!! My midwife said you are classed as term at 37wks so i'm hoping and praying the consultant will say yes as every day is like torture, i'm always fearing the worst and getting myself in a right state all the time!! Anyway, fingers crossed she agrees. Mind, that will only be 3wks away, but its going to feel like 3years!!
Take care all, Luv Kathryn xxx


  • Hi Katy,
    Well done you, we've got ours on order but not collecting it until the end of August!! I can't believe you're only 3 weeks away from possibly having the baby, must be a scary time for you!! Let us know how you get on with your consultant, I hope they back down xx
  • Glad you got one I'm just so sorry that this pregnancy has been stripped of any joy- although completely understand it as I am feeling very much like this and as my 20week scan approaches I'm freaking out AND wondering if all is ok I should wait even longer before announcing it lol!
    How exciting to be so close to the end now though, hopefully you are getting lots of reassuring kicks right now though that jeeps you focused and good luck at the next appt for requesting induction x
  • How lovely to hear you've bought your pram! It's so hard isn't it! We have everything now but it doesn't make me any less anxious! What pram did you go for?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be induced at 37 weeks and will be looking out for your BA! Xxx
  • Hi Katy,

    Wanted to send you lots of love and wish you all the best for your appointments.

    Thanks for supporting me xxx
  • Hi Girls, thanks for your replies. I really wish I could let myself get excited but after what happened with Ryan thats practically impossible! I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the consultant has a heart and brings forward the induction. I'll let you all know how it goes but after what she said last time I doubt she's going to budge!! It was only when I started to cry that she changed her mind from 39wks to 38wks!!!

    I am getting lots of movement W4B but if I don't feel anything for a while i'm panicking!! Its absolutely awful, every day is so so hard.

    I saw your pram on your nursery pics Becky, you are really organised. I was wondering which one Jackie has gone for? To be honest I have just picked anything. I raced into Mothercare, said that'll do and then couldn't wait to get to the car with it. Its Mothercares own make, its got 3 wheels which i've always said I didn't like, but it was so easy to push compared to some of the others and its really lightweight. Its a travel system so you can pop the car seat on. Its red but I can't remember the name now!! We haven't told anyone we've bought it, apart from Darrens parents as we left it at their house. We've finally picked a name and we're keeping that secret too as everytime I mention a name to my family or friends someone always has to say something negative and try to put us off. Then we get all the names they like - yes but WE DON'T LOL!!!!

    Sohappy, thanks so much for replying, you're so thoughtful to do so after all you're going through yourself. I am always thinking of you.

    Take care everyone, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Hi Katy,
    We've bought a Mama's and papas twin aria, cityscape?? To be honest i'm going off it now a bit. It's more like a buggy although it's advertised as suitable from birth. We've bought all the cosey toes etc to go with it so the extra padding should make it more comfy. No car seats with it so we'll buy them seperately. It was a bargain, reduced from ??325 to ??190 on the day we ordered it so i think that pushed us to go for it. Things will be very expensive in the run up to buying things so we're looking for bargains!!

    I know what you mean about not getting excited about things, i'm approaching the timescale in this pregnancy where i lost Ewan last year. It's a scary time, but like everyone else in here I won't relax until the babies are here. Technically only 12 more weeks at the most!!

    Hope you get sorted with your consultant, i'm wondering if i can push mine to deliver me at 37 weeks if i haven't had them by then?

    Take care, Jackie xx
  • Hi all as u all know i was ment to have ella at 38 wks but because my body wasnt doing great and mentally i was a wreck my consultant took ella out at 36 wks as he knew i wasnt coping with the last few wks , as all u think about is it going wrong , all i can say is its excactly how i felt untill i had ella in my arms i couldnt be excited once i had her here then i could smile , i wo9uld talk to consultant she should have a heart mine was amazing he was so surportive of me i couldnt of asked for more , tell them yr fears tell them yr not coping withg how u feel , hope it goes well today kathryn let us know take care vicki xx
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