Hi, need advice!

My GP, MW and consultant won't test me for group B strep as there is no funding for it at my hospital (not sure why I pay taxes but that's another debate) as you can all imagine I don't want to take any chances with this pregnancy so I want it done private! Problem is I have no idea how to go about it, who to contact, how to test or when is the best time to test! Someone help me please!

Becky and an almost 35 week bumpette! Xxx


  • Hi Becky, i'm probably not going to be of much help but here goes. I found out by chance that group b strep was present after I had Ryan last Sept. However, no-one mentioned me being tested again, so after worrying myself daft I ended up going to the day unit at my hospital and they happily did a test and the results show group b strep present.
    After speaking to lots of different people, it appears it can be present at one point and then not at the next. Very confusing. I assumed if you were a carrier of it that was that, but apparently it can differ with each pregnancy. I have 2 healthy children who were delivered naturally and were fine, but I wonder had it been present then, and had they just not been affected (some babies arn't, others can become very ill).
    I can't believe how the care/policies differ depending on where you live. Mind I did get the impression that I had to have a justified reason for being tested and they wern't just going to do it for the sake of it. I think all women should be tested as a precaution, but it all comes down to money at the end of the day.
    I think I read somewhere that its best to wait to test around 35-36 wks. I would phone the hospital and ask for a private app and just explain what its for. I remember when my friend thought she had breast cancer and she was going to have to wait 2months for an app, she asked to go private and the same consultant that couldn't see her for 2months, saw her the next day!!! If you are willing to pay then they should be more than happy to do the test.
    Good luck, let us know how you get on.
    Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Hi,
    I'm sure you will find companies online that do it, I googled it and came up with this link below, you get the actual test for free but pay for the labs processing costs which looks like it's ??32.00. I have heard on other threads that it's around the ??30 mark to get tested. Here's the link, but if you google i'm sure there will lots out there that do it.


    Good luck xx
  • I've no idea but I'd have thought if you want to go private either ther gp, consultant or mw should be able to point you in the right direction for how to get it sorted. I'll also be getting this down and if they won't do it for me will absolutely spend the money for a private test- thank goodness it's a reasonable price in comparison to some things. Good luck x
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