early scans?

hi, sorry to ask but i was just wondering whether those that are pregnant again are getting early scans / had early scans and if so......did you have to push for them?
i'm just 6 weeks so i know it's early but when i spoke to the mw she told me i wouldn't get an early scan unless i'd had 3 mc despite my situation.
At first i wasn't too worried as i know before when i had the 12 week scan everything was fine and that obviously meant NOTHING! but now..... i'm really worrying i'm going to be happily thinking i'm 12 weeks and they'll tell me i'm not! i'm not sure i could cope with that no matter how unemotional i try to remain until then.
i was told i might be able to get a gp referral but it seems mean i'm having to do the leg work for something that i would have thought would be perfectly understandable and acceptable!

i've finally got my consultant appt for next week so am going to speak to her about it but wondered if any of you would be able to give me any idea as to whether i'm being irrational.

Also.... are you looking very pregnant already? i think my body didn't really get time to recover and i've already got my bump back............it's lovely but scarey and will be very difficult to hide so early on which i'd desperately wanted to do!

thank you and hope your pregnancies are going well (and if any 'not yet' bfp ladies are reading i've still got everything crossed for you too x)


  • Hi. I was told by one hospital that I would have an early scan at around 8 weeks with a future pg however had an appointment a couple of weeks ago at the hospital where my daughter was born and have decided to have my care with them if I am ever pg again. Much better plan in place but no early scan suggested. When I mentioned it the consultant said it could give me some peace of mind so I guess it was not ruled out. The reality is that peace of mind won't come anyway. I relaxed with my last pg at 20 weeks and lost my beautiful baby girl at 24. I think I'll be like Receptionist on Hotel Babylon with a future pg. In total denial if I can be. Would be an easier way I feel!

    Good luck. I would ask the consultant next week for a scan. Normally they can organise it there and then at a consultants appointment - they did with both my pregnancies.

    Let us know how you get on.

    George, x
  • Oh I know I'll be worried whatever, it just might be nice to get extra reassurance along the way- well actually I know reassurance is probably not
    the right thing, I just want a problem to be picked up
    as soon as apparent!
    Thank you though I did think I would mention it to the consultant and I'd be 7 weeks then so she
    might be willing image
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