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Off to my Consultant App!!

Hi Everyone, ive got my consultant App today at 4pm. This was the app I should have had after my growth scan on April 30th, but they cancelled it.
Anyway, if I actually get to see a consultant is of course, another matter. Fingers crossed anyway.
Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx


  • ooh
    update us later wont u x
    all the best
    Lisa x
  • Good luck! Let us know how you get on!

  • Katy,

    Hoping that everything was ok, look forward to hearing that all is well, fingers crossed xxx
  • Oh I hope things went well!! image xx
  • Hi Everyone, just to let you know my app yesterday went ok. However, I have to go to the hospital in Sunderland for these appointments, its only about a 20min drive but its horrendous getting parked, and everything they do is exactly what my midwife does, so really I may aswell just see her!!
    They told me to wait to see the doctor!! Waited nearly an hour in this little room on my own, I thought they'd forgotten about me. Anyway, doctor turned out to be the registrar that saw me on the Saturday when I paid a visit to the day unit. All she did was ask if I was ok and tell me to book another growth scan (which is 1st June). Did I have to wait an hour for that. They were all locking up when I left as I was the last one!!
    I think this consultant led thing is brilliant, only thing is you don't get to see a consultant, lol
    Hope you are all well?
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Oh well, at least you got to see someone!! I've only ever seen the same consultant, and i've got an appointment to see her again in 2 weeks. But i'm being seen in a small midwife only led unit so that would probably explain why i see the same consultant. The ironic thing is the hospital where i will give birth is literally a 2 minute drive from work, but the unit where I'm having scans and consultant appointments is near my home so about 45 minutes drive away!! I can't complain as all my appointments tend to be mid afternoon and i don't have to go back to work afterwards. At least you have another scan booked, it'll be good to see baby again xx
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