Well girls, Ive tested....

Can not believe im saying this but.... I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waited till today to test, af was due today and was so shocked to see the line come up straight away on a tescos cheapy! I even thought that must be the control line........ Ive since done a clearblue digital as i wasnt believing my eyes and it says 2-3! I ovulated 15days ago so thats right isnt it? ahhhh im all over the place, so happy beyond belief that i can finally say 'im pregnant' but im freaking out aswell, i was so sure af was on way as had no symotoms like my last two pregnancys and ive had cramping, twinges and back pain... please reasure me this is fine. OMG Im pregnant! xx


  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im so happy 4 u !!!!
    wishing u a happy and healthy 9 months well done!!!!
    whats ure EDD??
    xxx Lisaxxxxx
  • CeilidhA, thats fabulous news, I'm so pleased for you!! Congratulations xx
  • Thankyou.... em my due date should be arround the 19th of sept but i will be having an early planned section, so baby should be here the end of august. I feel so strange, im already worrying about whyive got period like pains! I was so convinced this month more than any other that we hadnt done it!

  • horay hunnie i'm soooooo happy for u its normal i had period pains and no symptoms for agaes so so happy for u its hard but try not to stress to much xxxxx
  • Ah, thanks girl... Im filling up here! must be the hormones... Ive gotta go and get ready for college! Eeeek its gonna be hard to not tell anyone!

    Dotty, I really hope you get your bfp soon. You really deserve it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you now xx
  • Thanks Ceilidh, hopefully i'll be joining you soon xx
  • congratulations i so happy for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Yay, yay, yay..... Congratulations celidha I'm so happy for you, very exciting and very scarey at the same time but those 'symptoms' sound right and that's why they say it's so confusing between af and bfp lol, so glad you got your bfp and wishing you all the best, hope you get lots of care and support. So..... Now the bfp is sorted you can get the engagement going heeheeimage congratulations lovely and wishing everyone else waiting for their magic bfp that it's on it's way pronto x
  • Thanks, Ive calmed down now, although it still hasnt sunk in. Never in a million years was i expecting my bfp this morning!

    Im feeling ok, just going to have to be positive. Offcourse in the back of my mind i am feeling terrified, just now more at the risk of misscarraige. Ones i get to 12 weeks, I'll be onto another stage of worrying i guess. I just so hope this is a sticky baby, and that i can have a healthy poregnancy and birth and get to bring this baby home. I feel like im scared to believe it. The stomach pains are freaking me out aswell. Ive got a doctors appt on Monday at 8.50am, so thats something to 'aim' for. I will also be arranging an early scan and meeting with my consultant for around 6 weeks.

    I can tell this is going to be a long 8-9 months! We have already told my mum and dad and my best friend, they all knew we were ttc. And my mum and friend even new what day my period was due so no getting away from telling them really. Will tell my tutor and the playgroup after my dr's appt for safety reasons. And probably OH mum and dad and my sister in a week or so. The rest we will tryand hold of for a while! But to be honest im not fussed about waiting till 12 weeks. We are going to need our friends support with any outcome xx

    The ladys that are preg, who have you told? xx
  • Brill news! You've made my day! Will you be joining me in due in aug if you will be having a planned section! Xxx
  • Enjoy your bfp and try not to be too scared (I say hypocritically lol) the pains are scarey but it's just everything stretching and body adjusting, I know there's the fear of mc and mmc but most things are good signs except bleeding, although having said that I was spotting at what I thought was 8weeks, freaked out completely and all was fine at scan 2 week so not always bad news.
    I have only told oh (haha) my mum and my dad, I can't tell anyone else as I couldn't bear the thought of having to tell them it gad all gone wring or them adding to the fears I already have (my ils would quite possibly send me to a crazy place) I told my mum because she was amazing last tine and if I needed anyone it would be her, tbh I found friends didn't know what to say or said too much! I want to wait until at least past the 20week scan but tbh I'm already showing quite a bump already so not sure how long I'll get away with it, am waiting until my 13/14 week scan regardless though- they can just think I'm overindulging and speculate behind my back lol! Friends who see me often will probably know earlier and siblings/relatives/ils I'm trying to wait til 20 if I get away with not seeing them much and the great-grandparents will just get the birth announcement as they took it very bad and don't need it being 80/90+....... God I hope it works out ok!
    Anyway I think I've rambled but hope it makes sense.
    Becky I'm due in august although won't have a definite date until my next scan. I am way too scared to go in the forum yet though as I'm not ready to get really excited jic and as awful as it sounds I can't cope with all the early leavers as I am so scared already and can't freak myself out anymore! Well done you though image
  • Yay! I nervously clicked on the title and hoped it was good news.... so pleased for u hun!!!
  • Congrats!!! So pleased for you!
  • such good news - congratulations!
  • That's great! Wishing you a good 9 months ahead.
    George, x
  • Congrats, I am so pleased 2010 has started with something to look forward to, for you. I hope you have a very good 9 months ahead and make sure you rest plenty.
  • Thanks everyone, was at the doctors this morning, so begining to feel a bit more real now. Still not much in the way of symptoms yet xx
  • congratualations... this is great news keep us posted xxxxxxxxxxxxxxhugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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