Scan today - Now Happy!!

Hi Ladies,

I've got my official 12 week scan today and i'm absolutely terrified!! :\( I even got tearful in the car on the way to work. I just keep thinking back to the scan I had in September where I was told Ewan had died!! I've got the worst paranoia in the world at the moment and i'm convinced i've lost one of the babies or that i'm going to lose them both eventually anyway!!

It's not bloody fair that we can't relax and enjoy our pregnancies like other women!

I'm sure this is an unnecessary rant and come 12.00 when i have my appointment all my fears will be put to rest!! I'll come back on later and tell you how i get on.

I hope everyone else is ok??

Jackie xx


Finally the scan is over and done with, I still have 2 healthy babies who are measuring at 12 + 1 which were my dates exactly. They were wriggling and kicking away so that put my mid at reast. I've got my 20 weeks scan on the 18th May, none in between. It's going to be a long 6 months!!

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  • hi

    just to say that i really hope all is well, ive been a bag of nerves for you will come back and check on you later.

    much love
  • so glad everything was fine!
    u got 20 wk scan on my bday!
    take care and rest!
    xx Lisa
  • excellent news. I take it they are non-id (DA/DC) twins as your not having a scan till 20weeks. really hope the time flies for you

  • That's great. Pleased to hear all is well with the twins!

    If you are worried at any time I would ask for a scan. If I get pg I have been told I will have a scan every month!!!

    George, x
  • Excellent news glad that all is well with your twins, take care

  • Hi Jackie, thats wonderful news, i'm so pleased for you. Everything you are feeling scared about so am I, you sound like you're echoing my every thought!!
    When I came back from my scan last Friday I was so relieved, even dared to let myself think positive thoughts, but nearly a week later and i'm back to my ususal mind set - that something is going to go wrong and its just a waiting game!! Its loopy I know but I just can't bloody help it. At least we all know we're not alone.
    Take care, and I am still wondering if the twins are identical or not?? Please tell, lol
    P.S. Hope Lisa had a gud Birthday?
    Luv, Kathryn xxx
  • Thanks everyone, it's so bloody scary!!

    Team blue, yes they are non id, i replied on your other post, hope you are ok?

    Katy, you misread, Lisa's b'day is on the date of my next scan, 18th May. And i totally agree with you, I also started to have positive thoughts on the day of the scan but my consultant dampened that yesterday by going over and over how i'm even more high risk because of twins and how stillbirth could happen again, thanks doc!! I can't go for the next 5/6 months thinking like that so i'm going to try to get some PMA! I've got this far and these are 2 different babies, think positive!! We'll get there in the end and like you say we're not alone, all the ladies in here are wonderful and have so much strength, we're all fighters and you've all kept me going xx
  • Oh dotty that's fantastic, 2 hb and past the 12 week marker. I'm sorry your consultant put fear into you but hopefully all those double kicks you'll be feeling will put your mind at ease. It's a shame you won't get another scan before 20 but also great she doesn't think you'll need it. You could always get a 4d one done or something I'd youre desperate. Are you now looking at a c-section or is that being discussed later?
    You'll be fine, twins were in your fate remember, take care x
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