Hi girls well my baby girl is here she came on the 10th of june at 9;30 am by c section she weighed 5lb 4 oz and is totally beauitful she is doing great she didnt need to go speacial care she fed stright away we came home 3 days after section . and she has gi8ven us all soi much to smile about ,

felt very strange leaving hospital this time as last time i left empty handed and heart so i did cry all the way home thinking of my poor boy , but i know he was watching over ella and got her here safely and thgere will always be a gaurdian angel looking after her ,

i took her up to charlies grave yestesday we took him a pink rose just froim ella , i'm so happy to have her here i feel so blessed that we have here in our lives she has partly filled the huge hole charlie left it wont ever be completly filled but she weill help us heal so much we love here so much take care all love vicki xx


  • Hi Hon, I just wanted to congratulate u & ur family on the safe arrival of Ella image. After so much heartache, you truly deserve to be happy & am glad that you can begin that journey with your little girl.

    Lots of love, Take Care

    CG xxx
  • Thats great news & a beautiful name you have given her.
    Best wishes to you & your family x
  • Lovely, lovely, lovely news! I'm so happy for you hun! What a beautiful name and such a didi weight but I'm so pleased she's doing well! I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we would LOVE to see a picture! I'm sure Charlie will be her gardian angel for many years to come and will be as proud of her as the rest of you!

    Lots of love to you, Ella and your family!

  • Aww congratulations, that is great news! V happy for you xx
  • Congratulations to you and your family, I can imagine it has been a long and aching road to get her home after the trauma of Charlie. I am dreading all the emotional baggage that will come, but to have a beautiful healthy, happy, baby at the end of it must be amazing..... Congratulations and a virtual kiss to Ella, welcome x
  • Wonderful news, huge congratulations to you and your hubby. Ella is a beautfiul name xx
  • Hi Vicki, congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Ella. I'm so pleased everything went well and Ella is here safe and sound. She will always be a lucky girl to have her big brother watching over her. Wish you could put a little photo of her on here, I bet she's just gorgeous.
    Take care, Lots of Love, Kathryn xxx
  • thanks all for comments girls i'd love to put picture on here but dont know how i'm on facebook tho and ella is my fb photo i'm victoria goodridge was boon all more than welcome to friend me be nice to chat on there 2 cant believe she is 11 days old already , its amazing to have her , been thinking of charlie lots tho and how i'd love him to be here also to have in our lives i miss him so much 10 months on thursday he would of been , i took ewlla up to his grave the other day we took him apink rose just from his little sister , thinking of u all love vicki xxx
  • Awh i'm not on facebook!! My daughter is tho, would I be able to see a photo of Ella using her profile? It would have to be at the weekend tho as she stays with her Dad during the week as she goes to school where he lives!
    I keep thinking how it must feel to have a healthy baby after losing a previous baby. I just keep thinking had my Ryan been here with us I know I wouldn't have been pregnant with another baby. I hope all our angels are looking after all the new babies, and all the new babies to come.
    Take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
    P.S. Love her name by the way x
  • Congratulations Vicki xxx
  • Congratulations Viki. What a beautiful name. Thankyou for your FAO post. Im so happy for you hun. Please keep in touch through the 'born in June' forum. Take care and enjoy your baby girl xxxx
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