1DPO, Fingers Crossed

Hi Ladies,

Well I have officially OV'd, my first since we lost Ewan!! The other half is shattered with all the BD'ing i've been forcing upon him, although there's been no complaints image AF is due on the 21st Nov, I'll keep you posted!!

Good luck to you all, I hope you're wearing your OH's out too xxx :lol:


  • Good luck. The dreaded wait now, eugh! Me too, no idea when I should be testing but might give in come the weekend and be reeeeeeally naughty! Unless unwelcome af shows up I'll prob be checking every few days, 1st month and I'm already crazy! Lol
  • It's awful isn't it!! I'm sympton spotting, which isn't good. Had pink CM a couple of days which can mean implantation and i have a metallic taste in my mouth today. But rationally I know it's way to early to be having symptons, I only ov'd 4 days ago!! I'm now trying to convince myself that i'm not so that I won't be dissapointed image It took me 18 months to conceive Ewan, it could take the same again. Anyway, good luck, all my fingers are crossed for you xx
  • Hi, not sure to write in here or not, just wondered how you were doing with the wait? I'm really struggling and given in to 4 tests, I think partly because I am so desperate to be pregnant and partly because Ive been ss like mad, I feel like I could be and then think it's just I want to be! Aaaarrrggh....
    Am on ttc after mc now as you spotted image don't know about ttc yet but I'll get there, I think it's just when I looked it was almost all bfp announcements which is great but my heart is aching!
    Trying to stay positive and hoping to hold out now til the end of next week assuming af doesn't arrive. Hoping you've been more restrained than me and all is going well. Fingers crossed for us both, take care x
  • Hi W4B, of course I haven't been restrained!! I've tested twice, don't know why as AF not due until the 21st and I know I won't get a result at this stage!! I suppose, like you, I just want the BFP so much, it won't replace the one's we've lost but holding a healthy little one would be a dream come true, but a very frantic 9 months!!

    I think it's great that you moved on to ttc, both the forums ttc forums are great, it's a shame this one hasn't taken off a bit more!! I think i'll continue to post in here, as we know there will be new people to this forum and maybe it will help them a little knowing that others do want to chat!!

    Keep me updated with your progress too, fingers crossed xx
  • Well I'm sorry youre testing lots too, it's hard isn't it. Before Angel I'd wanted to be pregnant but was happy to wait until af came, except when I was pregnant and just felt it, this time I just NEED to know! Reeeeeally hoping we've both done it already, I wasn't using any ov tests though but think if bfn this month am buying a cbfm no matter what image
    I'll join you in writing on here, I think you're right it will be nice for any newer mums. Take care and good luck x
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