My scan went well :-)

Hello, Had my scan today and everything was fine. We saw the heartbeat and baby measuring at 6+2 which is bang on for my dates. I feel so relieved. I had some bleeding a small amount over the weekend so had convinced myself things had gone wrong. Thankfully everything so far is fine. I know its still early days but hopefully i can relax a little now....

I have another scan booked on the 15th, I should be 9 weeks + by then, The consulatant didnt manage to see us today but we are booked in with him again after our next scan. He did say a quick hello and congrats which was lovely. xx


  • I'm so glad it went well, I saw your post in your due in forum and was worried about you!! Congrats hun, thats great news xx
  • i am really pleased that it went well... i know how scary the sight of blood is in pregnancy !
    xx Lisa xx
  • Glad all went well, the bleed must have scared you- I'd had the same!, hope your next scan doesn't feel too long away and you get a good chat with the consultant.
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