AF due today!

Hi All

AF is due today but I'm holding off from testing. Don't want to believe I could be pg as I know it is likely to be another month of disapointment.

Will keep you posted.

George, x


  • Oh George, sounds promising. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Have u had any symptoms? Xx
  • I have everything crossed for you. Hope af remains a no show, if you still get a bfn and no af there's still hope as I was a bfn until 10 days after af due. Wishing you lots of bfp vibes x you're very restrained/good not to test yet I think I was poas the moment af stopped lol!
  • All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!! Good luck, I hope the witch stays away xx

  • Hi. I gave in this morning and tested. BFN. Still no AF though but no symptoms either!
    George, x
  • Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, if still no af and bfn by weekend you should invest in expensive poas sticks, am really hoping you've done it image x
  • Hi waiting4baby. Thanks for the crossing of fingers. Still no AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very strange. Been feeling slightly sick, horrible metal taste and sore boobs but could be pre-menstrual or in the mind. I have a FR in the cupboard. Will use it if AF does not show by the weekend!
    George, x
  • Holding breath in hope for you x
  • Breathe waiting4baby.

    It's a BFN for me. Dreaded AF arrived late yesterday. Feeling very miserable. Have been surrounded by pg friends all week and just heard another is 17 weeks pg via email. She did not have the good grace to tell me in person. I'm pleased for those of you on here but I struggle with people who take pg for granted and show no consideration for my feelings.

    Sorry. Rant over.

    Love George, x
  • Oh I'm so sorry the witch caught you like that (and kept you waiting too!)
    I'm also really sorry you got news from your friend like that too, I'm sure she didn't mean anything by saying it in email (unless she's the typ to talk lots) internets a hard place with grieving. Fb has popped lots of birth announcements and baby pictures up recently which is fine and I'm happy for them but it still hurts. I had one friend who I fought through my pain to congratulate her on her baby girl days after losing mine and she has said nothing to me - needless to say we're friends no more!
    I don't think any of us really understand even if we think we do, until it happens to us. It's just hard when we also have to be the ones making excuses for their insensitivity.
    I'm really sorry there's no bfp this month but hopefully you'll get one to start the new year which should come around quite quickly with the busy'ness of christmas. Take care X

  • Sorry to hear af got you... I can totally relate to your dissapointment and your feelings RE other peoples pregnancy announcemants. It's just so unfair image

    Hope you are feeling better today, fingers crossed for next month for you xxx
  • Hiya there,
    Sorry things didn't go as you hoped....felt a bit disapointed myself last month too! Try to stay positive.....our time will come x
  • It is amazing that people who we do a lot for in our lives are often the ones who will neglect us in our times of sorrow. I have found that recently. My wife and I lost twin boys at 24 weeks.

    There are people we spent almost every weekend with who have not bothered calling us or come to see us or even communicated via other common friends.

    Then there are those who have mailed or texted or called or visited, those we really did not expect.

    I know that with all the compassion in the world, it won't change anything and the twins will not be back but sometimes it hurts more to think that you have been there for people in their hard times and they won't be there for you.

    I have one friend who got married abroad. I left my 22 week pregnant wife to attend this wedding. I ran errands I supported the friend through years of being single. He has his wedding reception the day after we lost our sons. I even sheltered him from the bad news and only told him two days later. I got one phonecall two weeks later and nothing since. I am really hurt.
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