Is anyone else feeling like this?

I know compared to some people on this forum my problems are really non exsistant but I cank( help but feel a bit down!

I'm now 31 weeks, so on the home stretch, everyone around me is so excited including my OH! When I'm on my own I'm excited too but am struggling to show this excitement to anyone else!

I had a bit of a cry last night with OH and I admitted that I after what happened with Ian I just cab't imagine bringing our baby home, I know the chances of something going wrong for us now is minute and I'm no longer classed as high risk but I can't imagine being blessed enough to bring our baby girl home!

I think it's a a way of me protecting myself and I know I'm being silly, just wondered if any of you felt this way sometimes!



  • totally understand how u feel hun i felt the same way my baby girl was born 4 weeks early on the 10th june 9 and half months after i lost my darling baby boy charlie my little girl ellas perfect and i think i have my angel charlie to thank for that good luck hunni xxx
  • Hi Becky,
    One of the ladies in my SANDs group said that she didn't imagine leaving the hospital with her baby as she had not got the chance wih her first baby. I assume its only natural. I'm sure your excitment will come. Hang in there, your doing really well x
  • I would say it's completely normal given our histories to fear getting excited and believing happiness can come at the end, I'm almost 19 weeks now and still only our parents know, I've steered clear of others and not announced it for fear of getting carried away and something going wrong, but I look at lisa.frankie and Charlie's angel and know that just maybe, things will work out fine this time, take care you're doing fantastically image is it still genevieve or I noticed niamh was being considered on pregnancy? Both lovely btw, x
  • Hi Becky,
    Of course it's normal to feel the way you do. I've felt it loads through this pregnancy and it won't be over until we have our babies in our arms. Hope you're feeling a bit better today, we all have our good and bad days xx
  • Hi Becky, I feel exactly like you do practically all the time!! Its only natural I think. We all just need our babies here safely, and only then can we look back and wonder why we stressed so much! (I hope and pray so anyway).
    Take care, Luv kathryn xxx
  • I think we are all feeling the same, I know i am. I don't know how it feels to leave hospital with a healthy baby. On brave days i imagine what it feels like and I just hope to god that we all get to experience it. Like W4B said, Lisa.Frankie and Charlies'angel's stories give me hope. xxx
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