AF due ... I gave in and tested! [color=red]UPDATED!!

Last night I had a dream that I did a pregnancy test and it was positive. AF was due today so when I woke up this morning I gave in and did a FR test. It was negative but when I looked at it again a bit later I seem to have imagined a very very very faint second line. I have heard of this happening but it was so faint I really don't think it was a positive. Having said that, AF is not yet here so I guess it's not over just yet! I try to convince myself that AF will arrive and accept it but of course I cling on to that little bit of hope.

Will keep you posted!

George, x

UPDATE Thursday. I'm still waiting for AF! I have felt sick all day but the tests (Tues & Wed a.m) are negative... what is going on? :\? :lol: :\?

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  • Hiya George, just g/c from another board, I tested today with eactly the same result. Just wanted to say fingers crossed xx
  • Oh how exciting/nervewracking! My fingers are very tightly crossed for you xxx and can I just say how good you are managing to not do another test then and there!! I can't wait to see your BFP update xx
  • Oh George.......... I'm not really logging on atm but Saw this on front page and HAD to reply to this, I've everything crossed for you but I would have thought a lines a line. Take the clear blue digital test then you will have it written there with no doubts. Everything crossed for you x
  • Oh godness me I really hope it's a BFP, I'm keeping everything crossed! When you testing again? Xxx
  • Fingers crossed it's a BFP for you George, keep us updated xx
  • Hi George, really hope its gud news. Lots and lots of luck, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • fingers crossed for a bfp
  • Thanks for all your positive words. Sorry to get you all excited for nothing, but I could not resist and did a Superdrug test this morning... BFN! Funny thing is still no AF and I don't feel like it's coming... but I don't feel pg either. What is going on with my body?! If AF is coming I just wish she would hurry up and not mess with my usually on time schedule!

    George, x
  • Hi George, sorry for your bfn...... I don't want to get your hopes up but could it be that the 2nd test you took wasn't as sensitive, you'd said the line appeared on an fr and you followed up with a superdrug...... Just a thought, ESP if af still in hiding. Well, I hope you find out either way soon as I know the waiting game is horrendous x
  • Thanks waiting4baby for your advice. Sadly the witch arrived this morning. I actually had to laugh as I almost took another pregnancy test but resisted! Feeling a bit miserable that it's another failed month but enjoying a glass of red tonight to drown my sorrows!
    George, x
  • im so sorry this isnt ure month image
    fingers crossed 4 next month!
    enjoy a few drinks xx
  • Sorry it didn't happen this month. Hang in there x
  • Ditto, yes fingers crossed for next month, try to relax inbetween, easier said than done, i know xxx
  • I'm sorry she's reared her ugly head George, like the other girls have said fingers crossed for next month xx
  • Hi George, sorry you didn't get the news you wanted. Gud luck for next month.
    Luv kathryn xxx
  • Oh George I'm so sorry what a horrible wait to have had to go through. I'm glad af finally stopped messing you around but really sorry you'd got your hopes up. Like you said though you can enjoy your wine and not have to worry. I'll raise a virtual glass 'to next month' for you. X
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