Update - 9 Weeks - Twins!!

Hi Ladies,

Thought i would pop in and share my news with you all, i've just been for a 9 week viabilty scan and i've found out i'm expecting twins. There were 2 good strong heartbeats!! I'm still in shock, as i don't believe I have a family history of twins so it's quite a lot to take in at the moment. My OH and I are over the moon though!!

It's still very early days, but i've got all my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well this time.

I hope everyone else is well.

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  • WOW!
    how lovely!! bet u r so shocked!!!
    how have u been ? really sick or anything?
    do they know if they are identical?
    defo take it easy ... u gonna need all the rest u can get lol!
    take care keep us updated!!
  • OMGoodness!! How exciting....

    Thats fantastic news. Aw so happy for you! What a shock you must have gotten! You take it easy xxx
  • Congratulations! What great news to perky up a rubbish Wednesday.
    Take good care of yourself & keep us all posted with more details x
  • Oh Jackie wow! Congratulations, twins how exciting and it's fantastic you saw some good heartbeats there too. You're now going to be incredibly looked after and I wish you all the best, I'm so very happy for you and your family and will also keep everything crossed for you X
  • I am totally g/c but had to say a HUGE CONGRATS, twins - that is so exciting!!
  • I am totally g/c but had to say a HUGE CONGRATS, twins - that is so exciting!!
  • Hi, I'm new to this forum and read yr post and just wanted to say congrats. Thats fantastic news, u must be so happy. Look after yourself and take things easy.
    Luv, Kathryn xx
  • Thanks everyone, still in shock and overwhelmed, I still can't believe i'm pregnant, never mind that there's 2 of them!! I'm already a high risk pregnancy according to my notes, I wonder what this makes me!! I'll keep you all posted on how i get on and hope to hear how you're all doing!!

    W4B, thanks for the comments it means a lot given what you've been through lately and you've been a wonderful friend to me since September (my eyes are watering at being a sentimental old fool) xx
  • That's fantastic news- you and OH deserve this extra joy after everything you've been through I'm sure you're both floating on air at the min!
    Double Congratulations x
  • Hi Dotty Jackie!

    Sorry, I've been away from the forum for a while. Not been coping too well but I'm back now.

    Anyway.... I leave you alone and what happens, you announce you are having twins!!! Amazing. Hope all is well.

    George, x
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