HI all
thought i'd pop on and say hi i've been looking on but hevent put anything on here for ages ,
well all is ok with me i found xmas hard but ok , and new year we went away as we didnt want to celebrate ,

I'm 15 weeks now and time is goign very quickly , i'm being very well looked after i've had 4 scans already my next one is a speical one when i'm 18 weeks , which checks all blood to placenta , but baby seems very happy , which makes me feel better,

i havent told anyone about the baby , not cos i think there judge me cos to be honest i couldnt careless if people judge me or not , but i'm really starting to show now so i think people will guess soon ,
thats fine i just am too scared to broardcast it , the whole world new i was having charlie and i'm so scared of anything goign wrong i cant say it ,
we have told are closest friends but that was only yesterday lol ,

charlie would have been 23 wks old now i cant beliave wherew the time has gone , i dont miss him any less tho more everyday i think cos he would of been doing lots by now ,
but i try hard every day , but i'll never forget him or stop missing him ,

any way i have to feed 3 hungry males now so i better go tgake care all and i always pop on here to check how u all are lots of love victoria xxx


  • Nice to hear from you. 15 weeks already, wow it really is flying by. I am 10 weeks now and have had one scan which put me back a week (boo) but means I get another 1st feb at 13/14weeks. Good luck with your next scan hope it all goes well for you.
    I'm also not wanting to tell anyone for the same reasons as you, I just can't bear the thought of something going wrong and having to deal with 'those' looks etc. I'm also already showing and have resorted to wearing thick and baggy jumpers that just make me look fat and nothing special- I'm hoping I can pull that off for a long time to come, ESP as I'm still so early.... But I actually put 4 stone on with zachariah so may not get the chance to hide!
    This may sound crazy but have you already felt baby move? I'm sure I have as I was already stretched, am over sensitive and it wasn't that long ago I'd been feeling them so know what to look out for....... but it just seems too early!!!!!!!!
    Will you be finding out what you are having next scan?
    I know you won't and can't forget Charlie, I'm sure even when we're old and grey we'll be thinking of the ones we never got to truly know but they'll be in our hearts forever and always have a special place there x
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