I had my consultant appointment this morning!

Hi all, firstly sorry I've not been around much, I want you all to know that I do follow all your stories and the strnght from this forum has got me through the last few weeks!

I had my first consultant appointment today and he was so lovely! He did all routine checks which were fine! At that point I staerted crying and said that I was 14 weeks and not even had my 12 week scan yet and as convinced that I had had a MMC, at that point he said that he would do a scan there and then! At this point I told him that my scan was on thurs and my OH had taken day off work to come so I would rather wait for that one! At this point he laughed and said that this was an extra scan to help me calm down and start being more positive!

Well, baby is huge and moving loads! I'm so releaved! When I was leaving he gave me his secretaries number and told me to call anytime and to stop stressing! He said he was predicting a very boring pregnancy with a lovely outcome! After everything I've been through boring sounds like a brilliant idea to me!

Becky and Flump! Xxx


  • G/C

    Becky just wanted to say im really pleased that your appt went well & you got to see flump.

    A boring pg with a happy ending sounds fantastic xxx
  • Hi Becky,
    Thats great that your appointment went well, it's a shame your OH wasnt there to see the baby but he's only got to wait until Thursday!! I see my consultant the day after my 12 week scan, 25th March so looking forward to it!!
  • hiya,
    so pleased it all went well for u
    its great when ure consultant is great.... i must say that i have had great care and really been looked after medically too this time round!
    i know what its like to convince yourself something is wrong .
    the relief must be wonderfull!
    hope next scan comes quick!
    take care
    Lisa xx
  • Glad to hear your consultant is taking good care of you, You must have been very relieved to see baby was fine and well. I think most consultants seem to be very sympathetic to our situations and want to do all they can to reassure us ladies! And glad hubby will get to see baby at your next scan. My 12 week scan is on the 8th. Ive already had 3 early scans, one at 6+2, one at 8 weeks at one at 9+6. Im 11 weeks tommorow.

    Take care, and keep us updated xx
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