Little Update :-)

What a few days I've had! On Wednesday night I started bleeding again, not too heavy but enough to need to put a pad on. We were devastated, and I really thought it was all over. I phoned the EPU and managed to get a scan for Thursday morning. I continued bleeding throughout the night, I was so misserable. In the morning I was losing dark brown discharge instead.(which I'm still getting) Anyway went for scan with not an ounce of hope between us! And baby was fine!! image i was measuring 8 weeks instead of the 7+4 I was expecting. I was quite confused but happy!

I wasn't happy with the woman who did the scan, she totally rushed it and also cancelled my scan for next week! And even said I might not even be offered a 12 week scan. Well I abruptly explained to her that my consultant had booked me in for that scan and has also promised lots of regular scans throughout the pregnancy, to which she replied, well that will be up to him, you'l have to discuss that when you see him next! I wasn't and am still not happy atall! My appt with consultant is on the 15th, same day my next scan was supposed to be, so I will be having a word with him then! I'm sure he will sort another scan out, even if it is only at 12 weeks!

I have been struggiling since with worry, I just wish I could have a scare free pregnancy, but so long as we get to bring our baby home at the end of this- I'll be happy! I've also had bad sickness, but I'm not complaining, it really reasures me. Hope you are all well xx


  • hiya!
    geez wot a nitemare!!... u would think we deserve a break and worry free preg after all thats happened to us all here!!!
    as u know ive had some bleeding too and baby is fine for now!!
    i hope the brown discharge stops and soon!!
    i know how worried u r !
    make sure u do push for ur scans, as ive said b4 my hospital have been very good and consultants always seem more sympathetic and will do things to put ure mind at rest .... i have found anyway, hope this is the same for u !
    when i was bleeding i tried to lay down as much as possible.
    make sure u rest lots .. laying on ure left side apparantly is the best!
    the sickness is good .. glad ure feeling sick lol ... its reassuring
    so please rest lots and keep us updated..
    will be thinkin of u .. try not to worry its not good for baby... easier said than done i know !
    take carexx
  • Oh how scarey for you but sooooo glad all was ok. There is no way you won't get a 12 week scan, I was told you only don't if your scan shows 9weeks or more. And besides yourconaultant sounds lovely so wouldn't let you sit in fear. Your sono.. Sounds like a right cow and I hope you don't get her again.
    Look after yourself and relax being sick is meant to be a sign of a healthy strong baby x
  • Oh chick i hope yr ok , u should complain about the person who did yr scan a little bit of compassion would of gone a long way , i'm so pleased little bean is ok tho make sure u rest as much as u can thinking of u xxxxx
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