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Hi hun G/C from due in June to see how you are. Hope your pg is going well. xxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi hun. Hows things going? xx
  • hi hun i'm not doing to bad 8 1/2 wks to go now what about u hows things with u x
  • Its gone so fast hasnt it! Im ok. getting tired now though! 6+4 left for me! Did you get any councilling in the end? Hope its helped if you have. Are you all packed and ready? I have done an emergancy bag but will be doing our 'proper' ones today! Im having a girl after 3 boys too and it still hasnt sunk in. xx

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  • yeah it has gone really fast hun , i'm getting my 1st councilling session next tues so hopefully it will make things a little easier i'm all packed having a section on the 24th june so i know when she will be here , have u got any names for her yet x
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