Can't believe it! .....

Well I can't believe it, 10 days late and I finally got a BFP on those darn sticks!!!!!!!!!! I'd pretty much given up hope for this month but did 1 last test as zachariah was meant to be having an MRI and I didn't want to go in with him if I was pregnant because of the risks. (as it turns out MRI was cancelled anyway but had psyched myself up for testing so did it as i was still having possible symptoms!)????

I must be around 5 weeks and due end of July. I saw the dr today as i wasn't sure what I should be doing and she's booked me in with mw for Monday and said I'll get an early scan etc. She's also going to contact the consultant for me. ????(I have no idea when I will ever see the consultant but she'd told me already as my bloods have all come back normal in theory it should be ok next time) ????

I am soooo happy and absolutely petrified at the same time. I've told my mum as she was here to help with MRI (and hubby obviously) but don't want to tell anyone else, i won't be big enough at Christmas to be noticed and am reckoning to at least get away with avoiding most relatives til after 20weeks and if I can help it, until my baby is alive and well and in my arms!!!!!!! ????

I'm totally confused as to how I feel, I'm miserable Angel is not with me, over the moon I've caught number 3 so quickly but scared to take things more than 1 day at a time. I don't want to get caught up in future dreams as I know how much harder that's made Angel's death and at the same time it's impossible not to!????
Hubby wasn't exactly thrilled when I told him, he's so scared and has begged me to be strong jic! I know what is meant to be will be and i am praying like mad that this little one really is here to stay. 5 weeks is a long way off from safety with or without previous experiences so this is going to be a hard trip.

I hope everyone else is doing well in either ttc or their pregnancies, and also that we are all coping with everything that has/is/will be going on in our lives. Take care x ????????


  • OMG!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!
    I'm so happy for you, (((((((virtual Hug for you)))))) i actually got goosebump's while I was reading this!! That is just fantastic news. You have to keep me posted on how you're getting on, well done, you so deserve this and I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months xxxxxxxxxxx
  • OMG! SOOOOOOOO PLeased for you! Will be thinking of you all and hoping you can stay strong and that the next 9 months are healthy and happy for you! Sounds like you will be due aroudn the same time as me so I will keep everything crossed that both our little ones arrive healthy and at the right time! image

    CONGATS!!!!! image
  • Congratulations so pleased for you xxx
  • congrats am sooo pleased for you. dotty told us your fab news image
  • great news hun i'm totally with u on how yr feeling i'm around 9 wks now and i feel the same take care xxxx
  • Just wanted to say a massive congratulations - dotty told us in 'trying for a baby' about your news and it really made me smile - you really do deserve this BFP!! Hope you have a H&H 9 months.x.

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  • Hiya - congrats to you - you deserve this. Dotty told us in trying for a baby - i wish you all the luck and a healthy 9 months.....take it easy xx
  • Thank you all. You're all so lovely I'm almost in tears reading your kind words. I guess as I won't get congrats from the 'real' world it's nice to hear from you but scarey as it still makes it more real to me!
    Becci and maxi can I not hide from you 2 anywhere!!!!! Lol!
    Well I'm ok just really scared to get my hopes up.
    Got everything cossed for all of you too x
  • no of course you can't hide!!! image
  • You cant hide from me either lol
    Big big congratulations.. I'm so pleased for you hun. Totally understand what you mean about not wanting to get your hopes up but i'm sure your Angel is looking over all of you and watching out for you all and especially your little bean.

    Not surprised you are confused how you feel - but (and I hope I can put this int he right way so you know what i mean) - I hope that this little bean will comfort you while you grieve for Angel - especially when you get to special dates. Not sure if you knew that we'd had a mmc before Cole but I was about 7wks pregnant on what would have been my due date and even though we'd not had the early scan yet I found it a bit easier to deal with the due date grief knowing i was pregnant.

    Huge congrats, big hugs and hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months.

  • Congratulations! Thats great news, I'm so happy for you xxxx
  • Hi waiting4baby!

    Sorry, I have not been on for a while. I leave you for a couple of days and you go announcing a BFP!!!! Well done you! I hope that all is well. Still waiting for my BFP but hope to join you for the anxious 9 months soon.
    George, x
  • Thank you everyone.
    Kia,thank you, I understand what you mean and I think regardless my edd will hurt but thinkng of the new life will definitely give me strength to move fwd, I hope. I'm also not sure if I'd know of your mmc or not but I am sorry and glad Cole brought sparkle to your life again x
    I'll be honest I am soooooo scared and hadn't really wanted to announce it so early but at the same time didn't want to lie about still ttc while chatting to you all. I'm finding myself praying everyday that this ones a keeper and will play on earth (but I did that last time too!) and neurotic about all I eat and do etc. It's a long way to 12 weeks let alone 40 and I'm just hoping Christmas will help time fly a bit. I've been told by me I won't get an early scan afterall but might get an additional one at 16weeks. It's anoyying but at the same time I know even if everything was ok at 8weeks it would mean nothing as with Angel we were all fine at 12 week scan.
    Really wishing you all lots of bfp's and healthy babies, thinking of you all and hope you are all doing well x
  • Glad you understand what I meant.. and I know what you mean about the new life giving you strength - it did for me and although thinking about the mmc still hurts, I wouldn't be without Cole and that helps. I know what you (and all the other ladies on here) went through was far worse so hope I haven't offended anyone here.

    Hope you do get an extra scan hun and I'm thinking of you and everyone else on here and hoping you all have bfp's and healthy babies
  • Thank you kia, I can't speak for everyone but most of the time I've been more hurt by the people who don't say anything to me, it happened whether they ignore it or not, just shows them as uncaring individuals (don't mean anyone on be I mean face to face people) x
    ps you certainly shouldn't be without Cole he's gorgeous image
  • Hi w4b,
    I totally agree with you, it is horrible when people don't say anything, it's as though they're not acknowledging that there was a baby!! I've been lucky at work, most people have said something to me, even if it's just someone rubbing your arm and giving you a smile, you know what they're trying to say and it's comforting.

    And Kia, I've got a son called Cole too, i don't often come across others with the same name!!

  • Hi. Could not agree more. The people who say nothing are the ones who hurt me the most.
    George, x
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