Hi.... It's been a while

Well........... I've been keeping my distance because I've not wanted to lie but I also wasn't ready to tell the truth. My not ttc for a while flew out the window and I'm pregnant again. I don't know how true it is that you're most fertile after an mc but I know zachariah took 3yrs and Angel 18mths so I've been very lucky.
I've had an awful ride and have had horrendous stomach pain, a 24hr stay in hospital, some sort of infection that showed up as I'd been fighting off in my blood ( thought a uti) and generally I've felt very negative. But, today I had a scan and I'm dating 11+3, i have a real wriggler, strong heart beat and I'm praying like mad this one's a keeper.
I saw the consultant at mc review, yet again no abnormalities but a little boy, she's put me on aspirin but I won't get anything else unless I'm unlucky enough to require further tests with my 3loss quota, I'd be gutted if that's all I'd needed before but also relieved if that's all it takes this time. I'm hoping all will be good as this lo has to be a little fighter to get through my last few months of uber stress and issues!????

Really hope all of you are well, I can't believe some of you are about to be
Mums again and others over halfway.
George, wooly, sohappy and ks9 I'm routing for you to get your glimmer of hope very soon, take care and best wishes to us all x


  • Oh, that is fab news! Congratulations.....

    I had been wondering how you have been. Fingers crossed everything will be okay, I can imagine how worried you must have been/be. When is your next scan? xxx
  • w4b,

    Thats fab news, i'm so pleased for you!!! I know easier said than done but try to enjoy your pg as much as you can, i do however totally understand how stressful it is and how worried you must be as having been through 2 pgs myself with no alive children....i just know the anxiety.

    I hope you start to feel better soon and thanks so much for thinking of us, you take care of yourself xxx

    ps so glad you've got a wriggler with a strong hb, i'm praying for you too xxx
  • So very happy for you and so glad today went well. I hope they are taking extra care of you xx
  • Thank you all, I'm a bundle of nerves as after Angel it was a 'one off and no reason for happening again' - obviously I was nervous but I guess I took that thought process on board. Having lost the 2nd I've sort of got this fear that something crucial was missed so don't feel relaxed at all. But as I said I am taking aspirin so hopefully that's all I need to get me to the finish line.
    My next scan is july but I'm seeing the consultant at the end of may so hoping I get a sneaky extra scan then as I really can't afford private reassurance scans when I know it won't effect the outcome.
    However reading how well all of you are doing makes me feel better and at the end of the day I refuse to give up and I will fight this no matter what. I know it's completely different but a while back there was something on the news about a woman who'd finally had a baby after 18mcs- now that's got to take strength and we've got it I just know we have x

  • Hi hun,

    What lovely news to wake up to this morning...I've been wondering how you were getting on!

    Hope everything is ok for you this time!

  • Hi, just wanted to say congratulations. I'd say try not to worry but its much easier said than done, and I know I worry constantly. Having said that I am really trying not to worry this time around as I am hoping positive thoughts will result in a positive outcome.
    Take care, Luv kathryn xxx
  • hiya!
    im so pleased ur back with us!
    congratulations! i so hope and wish u a happy healthy 9 months!!!
    i know how scared u must be!
    bet u wanna be knocked out and wake up due date!
    thats certainly how i felt in the beggining and im nrly there!
    and uhavnt had an easy ride so far!
    i have had a few hiccups and just felt cursed lol!
    take care, take it easy
    Lisa xx 38+3!
  • only just seen this but just wanted to say I am thinking of you and am routing for you and your family!!!!
  • Totally G/C buti have just seen this and wanted to say


    I am really happy for you x

    gembags 9+5 x
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