My Birth Story

My OH and I arrived at hospital at 3.30pm on Thursday 15th July. I was put on the monitor and then had the pessary around 4.45pm. Was put back on the monitor and started to get pains straight away. Told the midwife when they got worse and she said it was just from the pessary!! She gave me some paracetamol and told me she would arrange some stronger painkillers for through the night. I couldn't believe it as I was starting to get really uncomfortable and the thought of it going on all through the night frightened me a bit. Was took off the monitor and just left to get on with it. I did buzz the midwife a couple of times as the pain was getting worse but again, she insisted it was just the pessary!!!
I was starting to worry as they told me Darren could only stay until 8pm and I was sure something was happening and I didn't want to be left on my own, especially as I was beginning to struggle with the pain. I asked the midwife to do an internal to check but she wouldn't as she said this can cause infection in itself! However, I was due to be examined anyway around 10.15pm to see if I needed another pessary. Darren stayed thank God!!

Another midwife appeared sometime after 9pm and suggested I had a bath. I was on the antenatal/postnatal ward so had to go round to the delivery ward to use the bath. In the bath the pain got even worse and i'm pleased Darren suggested getting out when I did or I think i'd still be there now!! lol

Got back to my room and was starting to hyperventilate. The midwife did the internal which was agony, and announced I was 4cms. She got a wheelchair and took me round to the delivery suite. Started having a show in the wheelchair (from the internal). Got in the room and was given another internal, again, agony. Was begging for pain relief and kept getting told in a minute. Next the antibiotics were being put in my hand for the group b strep and I was put on the monitor. The midwife did another internal and broke my waters. That was agony!! Next the midwife said there was a problem with the baby's heartbeat and she had to get the doctor. The doctor arrived and told me she would have to take some blood from the baby's head to determine if i'd need a c - section. I told her not to bother and just go ahead with the c - section. She had just given me an internal (agony) and the thought of another while she took blood from my baby's head was too much to take. It was then literally mayhem. Someone was taking my nail polish off, someone was going through all the negatives of a c - section, then I had to sign a form while Darren got ready. All this time I was in absolute agony aswell. They gave me another internal, still 4cms. By this time I was climbing the bloody walls. Got onto another bed and was wheeled into theatre. They gave me yet another internal, still 4cms, before putting in the epidural, Had some gas and air while they put the epidural in but I was in so much pain and it took every bit of strength I had in me to sit still.

Was then laid down, had another internal and I was 10cms!!! They got the forceps, told me to push and after 3 pushes my beautiful, crying baby boy was here. He was born at 11.25pm weighing 6lbs 7oz. I cried and cried and must have said a million times - is he okay? The baby doctor checked him and he was fine, he didn't even need any oxygen.
Darren left while they gave me 2 stitches and sorted me out. I was numb now from the epidural so couldn't feel anything. Had to go to a different room until I could feel my legs, etc again. This took around 6hrs. Brandon was taken by the doctor around 2am to have his IV fitted for his antibiotics. He had to have a dose every 12hrs. I did give him his 1st bottle before the doctor took him though. Darren had to wind him as I was so numb from the epidural. Hey, its good stuff the epidural, it just came a bit too late for me!!

I have to say I did find the labour quite stressful as no-one would listen to me when I knew something was happening. I told the midwife repeatedly i'd had quick labours before, where i'd gone from 2cms to 10cms within an hour, but I just kept getting ignored. I was panicking incase the baby just came and they hadn't treated me for the group b strep aswell! Hand on heart though, I would have gone through anything, as long as I had my beautiful baby, safe and sound at the end of it, and thank God I have.
The releif is wonderful, however, the emotions are still a rollercoaster, not that I just expected them to disappear. I think the enormity of all the stress I have been through over the last year has finally hit me. Every day through my pregnancy I used to think, is this the day my baby is going to die, so I guess you can't think like that and then just expect to feel fine instantly.

My baby Brandon is so special, as are all my children. Ryan will always be with us and a special part of all our lives, I just wish with all my heart he was here with us though, and I always will.
Luv to everyone, Kathryn xxxxxxxxxxxx
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