Just a little update :-)


I had my hospital appointments today, firstly I was put onto a CTG monitor and they monitored babies movemants, heartrate and any tightnings. Everything showed up fine and within 'normal' range. Don't think 'bumpette' was a fan of it though, she moved about soooo much, it was asif she was trying to kick the straps of my tummy! To be fair they were really tight!... Then I had scan, they meassured baby to check growth and she said ' oh good size' her head is measurring 31 weeks ( I'm 29) and then she measured her tummy which was at 32 weeks! Nothing to worry about apparantly as still within the centile chart just right at the top! They also checked the blood flow through cord and that was all fine aswell... Then I was meant to be seeing my usual consultant but he was off! Grrrr, saw a lovely midwife who checked bp etc, again all fine. The only negative is that she checked my blood results from appt last week and I am anemic image Had kind of expected it to be honest cause been feeling a bit 'run down' and peeky... So I will pop to chemist for some iron tablets tomorrow!

Was nice to see 'bumpette' again and I'm feeling a bit positive today, ( not sure how long that will last!) I have another ctg appointment next Monday and my next appt with consultant is in 4 weeks, hopefully then I will get a date for section! Oh and I washed and hung out some of babies bits for my hospital bag the other day, and guess what.. . I had to wash them again as a bird had pooed on them! Wasn't funny at the time but I'm thinking if what they say about getting pooed on by a bird being lucky, maybe that is a little sign that everything will be ok this time. That's what I'm thinking anyway image Hope you are all doing well xx


  • Everything will be ok this time hun, bird or no bird lol! So pleased all went ok at your appointment, I'm also slightly anaemic too, I think it's pretty normal in pregnancy!

  • Oh wow you're close to the finish line too aren't you image
    Sorry about the bird poo but if it brings you extra luck then yay- but like becky said I'm sure all will be well regardless off pooping birds lol!
    As for the anaemia I've read it's quite common in pregnancy and particularly if you have 2pregnancies close together.
    Look after yourself and hope you get to know your date soon, take care and Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee image x
  • I think the poo is lucky!!!! Glad everything is going well with you & bumpette xxxx
  • Yay for the lucky bird poo!! Glad all is going well, I bet you can't wait to meet bumpette xx
  • Hi, glad your app went well. Its good that you're feeling positive and if you are being seen weekly then i'm sure this will help put your mind at rest and hopefully keep the positive vibes flowing. Although with bird poo at hand thats an added bonus aswell, lol!!
    Its frustrating when you're expecting to see the consultant and they've cancelled, etc. It has happened to me a couple of times. I started writing down what I wanted to ask, cause i'd always forget and it was a privelage to actually see mine to be honest, I think i've only seen her twice. I hope you get your c - section date next time, and don't forget to keep us updated.
    Take care, Luv katrhyn xxx
  • ah chick glad all is going well for u and there keping a close eye on u and bumpette not long now xxxx ps haveu got facebook x
  • Aw thanks girls, yey for the bird poo! lol

    Yea, I have facebook. Is there a way i can email you my name or something so i don't broadcast it on here? If not i will put it up then once youve got it, take it down again..... xx
  • how do i open my email on here hun x
  • I dont know! lol.... anyone any idea? x
  • Hi,
    I think you click on "my details" (top left corner) and then on "my site preferences" and theres a box in there to activate your e-mails xx
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