FAO Lisa.Frankie :-)

Hello, Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking of you over the last few days, wondering if baby has made an appearance...!??

If baby has, then I hope everything went well and you are all ok, if you are still waiting I hope baby comes v soon and things go well for you.. Can't wait to here about it! Goodluck xxx


  • Oh yes wishing you all the best from this corner too x
  • Me too, good luck with everything xxx
  • thanx girls!
    still here and still pregnant !
    got a back ache tho!! hoping its the start lol im clutching at straws!!
    will do a BA when ive had him, got a feeling he will be late tho, frankie was 10 days late!
    really uncomfortable now!.. shudnt moan i know!
    hope u r all doing well!x
    Lisa xx
  • Moan as much as you want, you deserve to image hope it is the start of contractions for you but either way knowing you're so close now must feel fantastic,
    10 days late!!!!!!!!! Wow that must have been so frustrating, zachariah was here a day late but I was spot on with lmp so don't know if that makes a difference! Good luck and a big 'Eeeeeeeee' of excitement for frankie and you x
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