Early scan on thurs - SO SCARED - I need your help!

Ok ladies! Well I managed to organise an early scan at EPU first thing thurs morning! Because I've not had a period since my last MC the nurse I spoke to said she would work from the day when my bloods were 5 to go from! So I've worked out that on thurs I'll be a maximum of 8+4 and a minimum of 7+2! Here's where I need your help! When your scanned and they measure the baby to establish how far you are, will that week be from conception, what I mean is that if I'm a maximum of 8+4 could it come back that I'm only 6+4 as you mormally ovulate 2 weeks after a bleed! Does this make sense! If the measurements are based on day you conceived then I suppose I'm only between 6+4 and 5+2! I hope you all understand what I mean as I don't want to go in to the scan to be told I'm 3 weeks earlier than I thought and not be able to see a heartbeat! Xxx


  • hiya
    i think that u are already 2 weeks pregnant b4 u even ovulate if u get a bfp... if that makes sense so i dont think it goes from conception date ?
    I THINK lol
    hope that helps.... prob not ! xx
  • Hi, Goodluck with your scan...

    I think they take it from the first day of your last missed period... So like Lisa.Frankie says.. You are 2 weeks pregnant before you even ovulated. All very confusing! Again goodluck and let us know how you get on xx
  • I was going to say the same as l.f I'm pretty sure you're dates are day of conception plus 2 weeks, they do say though the earlier the scan, the harder to date. Don't worry about dates if they can't see an hb they may do an internal scan or just rebook you in. I know it is terrifying, I've had my first scan and I'm still a nervous wreck. I have everything crossed for you and hope you have a lovely clear image and a thumping hb to watch , take care x
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