ACUPUNCTURE... Any thoughts??

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I have been thinking about getting acupuncture for a while now to help relieve stress.... The only thing that was putting me of was, em the needles! Lol

Anyway I don't know if any of you girls saw but there was a 'live webchat' with a fertility expert earlier and she seemend to be really 'for' acupuncture. Today I have done a wee bit of researc and seen it's also supposed to help with fertility etc( I think I had heard of this before, just never really taken any notice!) Well I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of it? Either if you've had it yourself or know someone who has. I've found a place localy that do it, and it's quite pricey- ??65 for your intoductory consultation, then ??45 for sessions then after. I'm willing to try it, if it's worth it! Xx


  • I think if you'd been considering it for stress it might be worth it and the fertility take as a bonus. I know I have been very fortunate to get pregnant again so quickly but I'm not sure I'd spend that much for fertility knowing my issue isn't the getting pregnant part. (before this one my pregnancies took 3yrs and 18mths) I guess anything is worth a try but be careful not to depend on it as it could get quite pricey. I also hate needles so would have been put off by that too lol. Let us know how it goes if you do try, would be v interesting x
  • One of my friends had a baby and then 2 years later when she tried to have a second one, nothing would work. And there was nothing wrong with either of them. She went for acupuncture for fertility, and was told it would take 6 months, and exactly 6 months later she fell pregnant! Sadly, she lost that baby at 7 weeks, but she went for acupuncture again for 6 months, and got another BPF image her baby boy was born on the 30th Dec. So I would recommend it, based on her experience. I think she only went once or twice a month for treatments.
  • Thanks girls...

    Foxinsocks, thats really good to hear about your friends success story!

    I mentioned it to oh and he said ye that would be a good idea, if thats what i wanted to do..... then i told him the price and his words were along the lines of '' ceilidh, its probably just some airey-fairy person sticking needles in you and trying to convince you what there doing is working.... like all the phycic bullsh*t your into! :- ('' well you can imagine what my reply to that was! Boo to him....

    Eventually he appologisedimage and admitted he was wrong, and there must be some 'truth' in it, he says if its going to help me to stop stressing and nagging him all the time- then its worth it... lol . We are gonna wait an see how i feel about it after this month once ive done a bit more research on it... and obviously i'll be needing to sacrafice shopping trips and takeaways.

    Thanks again for your replys xx
  • Well good luck either way. I also just thought do you drink a lot of coffee/tea etc. With ttc for zachariah(for 3yrs) I was drinking so much that I decided to cut it out and go for decaff( not for ttc but because I was having too much). I'm not saying that's what got my bfp but I did read afterwards that just 1 cup of coffee can reduce your fertility by half or some statistic equally shocking!
  • I dont drink tea or coffee atall, never have..... I hate the taste of tea, coffee is ok but i function witthout it so dont see the point in it tbh. I think my whole life ive had about 2 latte's and a few sips of other peoples coffee- no exaduration...

    I have been drinking plenty of water, i eat generally healthy anyway, dont smoke or take drugs ( i even avoid taking pain killers if i can!), rarely drink.... my only down fall is probably exercise although i am still the correct weight for my height and a size 10 i really dont do much exercise other than walkimg and occasional swimming... Maybe to much chocolate doesnt help, but ive got to have something! lol... Oh is pritty much the same apart from he smokes! boo....

    God i sound like such a boring person! lol xx
  • Lol, well aside from the coffee I'm pretty much the same so we can be boring togetherimage my hubby smokes too but not at home- hope he'll quit but no signs yet. I don't drink or have painkillers either heehee!
    Oh and I am 'soooooooooo not a size 10, don't know if I ever have been, aside from running around after oh and toddler I wouldn't say I did much exercise either *blush*. In fact I'd say I'm overweight but fortunately carry it better than some but not as well as others image
  • Lol, think you should get away with the no exercise cosidering youhave a toddler to run after!!! xx
  • i had acupuncture after having 3 miscarriages and having trouble conceiving. I went to a chinese herbalist for mine and got pregnant straight away on the first cycle i had it every week and i am now 21 weeks pregnant. I felt less stressed even though i hate needles! (stupid as i'm a tattooist! lol) i drank the herbal tea which i was told would 'keep' me pregnant. it was expensive ??25 per session and the herbs were extra but i would have paid anything to have a baby! maybe it was coincidence but it seemed to work for us. I did get a discount for booking group sessions but i really recommend chinese acupuncturists, They do afterall have a population problem so they must be doing something right!
  • Oh what a lovely story! Thanks for letting me know... Congratulations on your bump! You must be so pleased. I have seen Chinese acupuncturist 'shops' in a few local shopping centres... Is that the type of place you went to? As you say it is expensive, but a agree to have a healthy baby will so be worth any amount ofmoney. Are you stillgoing for sessions? Or did you stop when you got your bfp?... I guess the difficult bit is finding a 'good' place to go xx
  • i went to dr & herbs i think they have a few shops around ask about their success stories. everytime i went it didn't feel like it was about the money i felt like they genuinely wanted to help. if i cancelled an appointment he said he worried that i was ok. i've just stopped going because money is a little tight but i will go once a month or so if i have spare cash. I used acupuncture before this time and again got pregnant straight away, i stopped going and lost the baby 4 weeks later they told me my body was too stressed to carry a baby and this time i HAD to carry on to at least 12 weeks. I'm so glad i did even though the herbs are the most disgusting thing i have ever tasted!
  • Thanks Hun, I will have a look and see if there is one locally. Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy, xx
  • Thank you and good luck x
  • -it's the oh that causes most the exercise he's a lazy so and so, lol
    tattooedmonkey- that's so interesting, and congratulations, over half way there, hope you have a smoothe and easy ride to the 40 weeks and all goes well for you.
    Celidha- bet your minds made up now lol- mine would be image good luck
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