40 weeks today update!

well today is my due date and not even a twinge!!!
its amazing i was sure i wouldnt make it past 24 weeks now im desperate for him 2 cum out!!
plz send me labour vibes lol

just a quick update ive had a show! not sure how much that meens as never had one b4!!
but am eating pineapple and bouncing on my ball!

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  • Hi Lisa, anytime now, wow you must be nervous and excited.
    Have you been trying all the usual things that are supposed to kick start labour? Having said that he'll come when he's ready. He's probably nice and comfy where he is. Both my son and daughter were late, my son 9 days and my daughter 5 days. The waiting is awful especially when everyone asks if you've not had that baby yet!! The thing is you'd bloody well tell them is you had, so obviously you haven't. Its my sisters birthday tomorrow, maybe your little one might share the day with her. Mind its only Thursday tomorrow but she was actually born on Friday the 13th!! She blames all her misfortunes in life on that, lol!!
    It won't be long.
    Take care and enjoy the rest!!
    Luv kathryn xxx
  • I'm so excited for you Lisa, I hope your little man makes an appearance very soon. I can't wait to see your birth announcement. If you have a bump buddy in your due in forum make sure they post in here too se we all know baby is here. Good luck xx
  • Oh it's so exciting! Will be thinking of you! Keep us updated and I can't wait to hear all the details and see first pics!

    Good luck!
  • Oh Lisa how exciting!!!!!!!!!!! image get bouncing on that ball... I really hope baby makes an appearance over the next few days... I will be thinking of you xxx
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