Had my scan! I feel so much better now!

I had my scan this morning! I had to have an internal as I kept being sick this morning and couldn't get enough of a full bladder! Babies heart was beating away and I'm measuring 7+4 EDD 19th Aug! The midwife was lovely and told me I would be really looked after throughout this pregnancy! She even gave me her direct number incase I have any problems, become upset or just need a chat! She told me to see what the consultant said but said she was sure I could have a few extra scans! I feel so much better now! Xxx


  • Congratulations, wow what a lovely mw you have mine is treating me no different unless I lose another 2!!!?!!??
    Have you had another scan booked then?
  • Thats great news, I'm glad your mind has been put at rest!
    W4B I can't belive they aren't treating you any different! It's shocking but it probably depends on what part of the country you live in! I hope you are both ok and are progressing well, I can't wait to be in your position xx
  • Hello... Really pleased for u, glad you are feeling slightly more relaxed and being taken good care off!! xx

    Waitingforbaby, I cant believe you are not being given extra care/support and how awful for them to say you would have to lose another 2 babies for this to happen! Bet it wouldnt be that way if whoever made up that rule had been through what u have.... xx
  • It might be down to location but I think it's more to do with my loss happening before the magic '24' weeks and her not born breathing making it classed as a miscarriage despite all I went through! Drives me mad that I can't even acknowledge her in my medical history as well as with certificates. I pointedly wrote her down as 2nd child in my notes though so they knew I'd given birth etc. I agree if the people who made the rules were to go through it they'd think differently. Like that ridiculous one of a 21+6 child born breathing is left to die but a 22 week one they'll put on equipment because of statistics! Makes me so angry and so upset for all these poor mothers!
    But back to becky and I'm so, so, so happy all went well for you and pray it continues to x
  • i had first scan today too! doesnt it help put your mind at rest? xx
  • Glad your scan was good too tianna. Lots of good wishes and prayers that we all have beautiful little keepers and it's easy pregnancies all around (and for those still ttc) x
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