My cot has been delivered!

Hi all,

Keep reading all new posts and seems most of us are doing well, having regular checks and sorting our own heads out lol, it's not easy being pregnant with the constatnt worry that something is going to go wrong is it?

We had our cot delivered on monday and my lovely OH has decorated the nursery, it's not finished but getting there, I had to let him do it as it's his way of getting excited about the arrival of our baby girl, to be honest it looks stunning and now I've put everything away - she has more clothes than I have - I have started to get excited! I'll be 28 weeks on sat which is a huge milestone fo me!

It will be 1 year since we lost Ian on the 5th June and I think I need to mark it in someway although not sure how yet, I think then I will finaly be able to say goodbye properly and concentrate fully on this pregnancy, does that make sense?

Sorry bit of a ramble, hope you are all well!



  • Hi Becky, gosh you're so organised, wish I could be the same. I'm 30wks tomorow and I haven't bought anything, apart from a little comfort blanket!! I know i'm not going to start aswell, but I think its because I know I have everything of Ryans up in the attic, so it won't be a total last minute panic.
    I keep thinking of what we will do in September to mark Ryans 1st Birthday, and I haven't got a clue. I know we will go to the hospital chapel to see the book of remembrance and leave some flowers, but I don't really know what else.
    Glad you are well, take care, Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Hi Becky,
    So glad your cot has arrived, you must be so excited. We've not ordered cots yet, but are looking, but we'll probably wait until we get to 28 weeks. I think it would be lovely for you to mark Ian's birthday / anniversary with something special and i completly understand that you need some closure. I suppose when you think about the 1st anniversary is always the hardest and probably the last official milestone. We have Ewans birthday on the 19th September and ironically the twins will be due around the 21st Sept (38 weeks) so you never know, I could be marking it by giving birth again!! I think we'll try to do something as a family, plant a tree in the garden on that day or something thats just for us. Anyway, take care and i hope the 5th June can become a day of remembrance rather than loss for you both xx
  • YAY for the arrival of the cot, So exciting.... I'm sure the nursery is just lovely and will be a perfect little palace for your little princess!.

    Celebrating Ian's one year anniversary is a good idea. For Darcey's one year anniversary we went to the beach and released some pink balloons for her, we did this on her due date aswell, which was just 13 days since we had lost her. I think we will do similar thing very year.

    Hope you are keeping well! xx
  • Oh yay, how exciting, I'm so glad you're able to let yourself go and begin the excitement, I'd love to see pics of the nursery, 'stunning' sounds gorgeous image

    Hope you're coping with 5/6 approaching, I think we'll be doing something come our 1 yr point too but I'm not sure what, I don't think I want to do anything too big though as I guess I'd quite like to find something we could perhaps make a tradition and zachariah can be a part of.
    I think releasing some balloons is a lovely idea and have thought I may just release one helium balloon and just watch it float upwards to my beautiful baby with a prayer, take care X
  • hiya !
    how exciting is it starting to feel real now!!
    u will have passed ure milestone so hopefully u r looking onwards and upwards!
    did u decide what u r going to do one the 5th yet ? i think it is a lovely idea to mark it, i didnt do anything on my babys birthday and i kinds felt guilty about it since tho i will do every year to come.
    anyways keep us updated !
    take care
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