Group B Strep

Hi Girls, as you know on Sunday I was told by a midwide at the hospital that i'd tested positive for Group B Strep after I had Ryan last Sept. I've been worrying about it especially since I didn't really know anything about it or its effects. Anyway, I ended up going to the hospital yesterday and being tested for it. I've got to ring up tomorrow for the results.
On a brighter note I was out shopping with my daughter last weekend and by chance we went in this shop (some sort of gadget type shop). They had these fab registration plates with names on and I got one with the name we have picked for baby, i'm going to attach it to his pram. I obviously had to tell my daughter the name we have picked but she promised not to blab!!!! I told my son too but when everyone else keeps asking what name we have we just say we don't know as yet. I had been teasing my daughter for a few weeks telling her we were calling the baby Ferris!!! lol. Her face was a picture when I first told her that name, so when I picked up the reg plate she said she thought it was Ferris we had chosen!!!

Hope everyone is well, take care, Luv Kathryn xxx


  • Oh fingers crossed for your results, let us know how you get on. The number plate sounds really sweet! Cant wait to hear what name you have chosen!!!! We are still stuck, want something unusual but still cute and girly and not to common..... help??? lol. xx
  • Hi CeilidhA, i'm keeping my fingers crossed its negative but if not then at least i've had the test and can be prepared.
    My OH and I seemed to have lots of girls names but no boys names. However I don't know if thats because we have to choose a boys name so you start getting more fussy, whereas, we just say we would have picked this or that if the baby had been a girl, but if we really had to choose a girls name we'd probably end up going round in circles like we have been doing over boys names.
    I think aswell it depends on the surname and if the name you choose goes with it.
    Anyway, the names we liked for a little girl were Ava or Naomi. I like Eden, Evan and Ameara for a girl as well (don't know if thats how you spell the last one though!!) If you decide will you tell or are you going to keep it a surprise? x
  • Oh good, glad you got the tests and hope all goes well, like you said either way the result will ensure you get the right care. Oooh I want to know the name too and what's wrong with ferris btw? Lol, it's nice your daughter knows now, maybe it will make it all the more exciting and bonding for her to have that little secret.
    I think
    Ameara is spelt 'amira' it is in Arabic anyway and means princess
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