Another crimbo positive! but so scared! x

after nearly 1 yr 4mths ttc after loosing my darling angel i got a very clear bfp this morning, but so scared i loose this one too x


  • Hi,
    I am so happy for you!! It's fabulous news, and well deserved! You asked if i'm on MSN, I think I am?? You can click on my e-mail if you ever fancy a chat, I check it regularly image
    I'm worried, just like you, but there's nothing we can do is there!! I'm just trying to take each day as it comes. I won't relax until the baby is here.

    Change of subject, but don't you have your wedding booked for around next September time??? Will you have to change the dates??

    Anyway, have a H&H 9 months and congratulations xx :lol:

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  • Congratulations to you. I know it will be an anxious 9 months but remember, most people do have a healthy pregnancy and happy outcome after a bereavement. Take good care and take every day as it comes. George, x
  • Firstly congratulations hun! I like you am terrified! I'm taking each day as it comes, trying to stay positive and above all speaking to people on here when I need support! What is your due date? Where abouts are you from! I second what Dottie says, if you need to talk please feel free to e mail me! Xxx
  • edd sept 7th, and wedding aug 7th!!! im gonna be a flumpy bride! but hey well-worth it! im soooo excited still cant believe it xx
  • Congratulations on both your wedding and pregnancy. How lovely to wear your bump with pride and see so much happiness in one day. Wishing you a happy healthy and very speedy 9months x
  • thankyou all soo much xx
  • Congratulations...its truely great news! x
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