Is everyone delivering early?

Having read katys fantastic news 'yay!', it got me thinking.... Is everyone delivering early, either through csection or induction? I haven't actually discussed this with anyone yet but had thought I'd probably go to edd and refuse to go over- I'm a little concerned as my dates are based purely on scans as no lmp after the mmc so want to allow good cooking time BUT the fact that 38is classed as full term is very tempting given how stressful all of this is image
What's everyone elses take on the whole delivery date thing


  • Hi hun, I'm not delivering early! My EDD is 21st Aug, but this too is just through scans as I didn't have a period after my MC! They won't even discuss induction etc with me as I had a late miscarriage at 20 weeks therefore no longer classed as at risk! The stress is doing me in though, I just want to hold my baby now!

  • Oh ok, well I don't know if I'll be taken off high risk or not as I was 20 and 14weeks(lo 11+3) so I've past them now but I've been given dates to go in for reassurance- actually I'll probably stay at risk as I have been getting high bp and anxiety heart palpitations hmmmmmm! It must be lovely not to be classed as high risk but I know you still worry. I think it was you talking about going mw led unit- are you still doing that? I'm so far demanding consultant led delivery, just need to get to that point now!
  • I wanted to go to a midwife lead unit but they won't let me because of my high BMI also I think deep down I will feel safer with doctors close by! I have been a nervous wreck all the way through this pregnancy and don't think I'll stop until baby is here! Xxx
  • Good luck both of you xxx
  • I am going in early for planned c sec between 37/38 weeks.

    To be perfectly honest it cant come quick enough, I am feeling constantly worried, and really worn out now. Everyone keeps saying 'aw only 6 weeks to go... it'l fly by' but that really means nothing to me, I had only 2 weeks to go with Darcey and it only takes a second for everything to be taken away again. Im just freaking out all of the time, all of my excitment is being sucked out of me with worry. image anyway rant over! lol.... Oh and w4b, I have been having heart palputations aswell!.... I had to go to hospital last saturday night and was hooked up to a heart monitor, as they had been going on for over 2 hours! The doctor just put them down to anxiety/stress. Maybe discuss your feelings with your consultant, and explain to him just how worried you are etc, maybe he will let you go in early, even a week or so xxx
  • Hi,
    I'll be induced at 38 weeks if the boys don't start sooner on their own. I was told that before I found out it was twins so you should push for an earlier delivery if you can get it. But if all is going well then it may be best to leave the little one cooking to ensure she's fully ready once she arrives.

    Whats your actual due date??? xx
  • 15th Nov but it's based on scan measurements which apparently aren't quite as accurate as lmp. I think I'll just play it by ear and see how I'm feeling the closer I get! It's so hard, when people ask 'how many months pregnant are you' I actually feel like saying '16' but I'm good and bite my tongue! Some of you are so close now, I know the worry doesn't stop but I'm so glad you're close to breathing a sigh of relief and cuddling a bundle of joy. I've just past my mmc, edd and am focusing on this little blessing going strong inside of me.
    Hope all of you are doing well, take care
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