so worried and nervous now!

hi everyone,
well like the title says really!
i had a midwife appt yesterday... dont seee my consultant agin now till 18th may( week after due date) if i make it.
anyway she is a nice person but doesnt seem very preffesional etc ,, too friendly and flippant? ( im trying my best to describe her .. i know what i meen lol)
she did my bp fine but my urine had glucose in it, she just said oh probly sumthing u ate, as u can imagine i worry about everything so i told her what i ate and she just says yeh yeh dont worry can just make baby big dont eat any chocolate!
then she feels for baby and said hes back 2 back and im then a nervous wwreck as have herd of horror labour stories of babck 2 back and only this last week i have started worrying about labour!
so she just says yeh it can make it longer more uncomfortable just scrub the kitchen floor wiv ure bum in the air dont worry bout it!..... hello me not worry????
i felt really rushed she hasnt done my birth plan with me ive written in it myself last nite when i found it in my blue book!
also i just want sum reausrance when i had my angel last yr i remember wanting the labour to have hurt more??? she was 1lb 9oz 24 weeks so was no where near as painful as frankie who was 7lb 12. and at the time i just thought i wanted to be in so much pain knwing she was gonna live? basically i thought i can do anything if this baby had a chance? sounds weird but again i know what i menn!
ive sort of had that mentality through this preg havnt been worried bout the birth but the last couple of weeks i have been and specially now hes back to back.... dont really know what i want u all to say.. as i know its gonna hurt i am just thinking about it 24/7! i couldnt sleep last nite i was worrying and crying!
#sounds so selfish when all everyone here has been through and people desperate for kids u think its the least of my worries but i cant help it!!
a very scared
Lisa 38+3


  • forgot to say she also said i cant see u next week as i already have 18 people booked in theres no appts left so im due to see her 2 days after my due date!
    iu was looking for a little reasurance about the glucose and back 2 back thingy !
  • Oh lisa she sounds horrible and so not understanding at all.
    I totally understand what you mean, after zachariah I was petrified of ever having to give birth again as I'd had an awful time, Angel was still horrendous but like you said the final push although awful, size wise wasn't and now all I want is to give birth and feel that baby coming through, knowing we're going to spend our lives learning about each other.
    Back to back is scarey but although flippant I do remember hearing that sort of standing on all 4s and then touching your nose to the floor, can help allow baby to move around. You don't want to have the fear of birth along with everything else and if your mw doesntunderstand that perhaps another will. I don't know the system there but here if mw is filly booked I phone the local unit and they would send one out. Goven your history I am sure that a mw on the phone would be happy to talk through your fears.
    Try to relax, you've still got over a week for baby to move again and you ARE taking this one home.
    .......If you really can't face it could you talk about elective c section with them?

    Take care and I've everything crossed for you x
  • Hi Lisa, just wanted to tell you that my daughter Franchesca was born back to back. I woke up in the morning with niggly pains and a show. Went to the hospital around 2pm, not in any great pain and midwife examined me, said I was 1cm then while examining me said I jumped to 3cm!! She said I could go home or stay, so I decided to stay. She said she'd come back and examine me at 7pm, however around 4.30pm I was suddenly in real pain, it came on very sudden. I asked for pethidine which she then gave me without examining me 1st. As she injected I felt the urge to push. Sure enough I was 10cm and at 5pm my baby daughter was born. Once her head was out I remember the midwife saying she was staring right at her but I never gave it another thought. Nobody mentioned back to back before and nobody mentioned it after. Its only years later that I wonder if I have a tilted pelvis because of the way she came out. Anyway, just wanted to say the delivery was ok. I had no pain relief at all really as the bloody pethidine didn't kick in til ages after she was born. They were just concerned about her being sleepy or having problems with breathing as they had given me pethidine so near to delivery, nothing else was ever said about the way she came out.
    Anyway, hope that helps you a bit. I keep worrying about being induced as they say that makes the paiin alot worse!!! I've never had an epidural before, have you? I was promised one with Ryan but by the time I got to hospital they said it was too late. Now that was agony, don't know if it was the fact that I knew he had died that made it worse or the tablet they had given me the day before. Its only natural to be scared and worry, just remember that you are going to have a gorgeous little baby at the end and I always tell myself pain means progress!! lol
    Take care, Luv kathryn xxx
  • Oh Lisa,

    Just wanted to send you a big hug, thinking of you and hoping that you can somehow relax, very soon you'll have your beautiful baby with you, take care xxx
  • hiya,
    thanx 4 ure replys!
    w4b, im scared of a section too lol!! what am i gonna do eh!!
    and yes i could go into triage if i wanted to but u gotta wait, and u dont know the midwifes etc, u wana just feel looked after if u know wot i meen x
    ive bought a hypno birthing book and a cd and been reading and listnening today and it may be a bit late but it is very calming and reasuring!!!
    Kathryn u have made me feel sooo much better thank u !!!
    theres always a hundred horror stories of back 2 back and whne i hear things like that makes me relax. what will be will be, it is wot it is ! and hes gotta cum out
    i was induced with frankie with the pessary which was a bit uncomfortable but i was only in labour 3 hrs! and was pushing for a long time, eventually i had ventouse, they had to suck her out, i dilated really quick but found pushing hard!, never had an epidural i dont like the idea of the needle in ure back, but i did ask for one wen i was having frankie and i was to far gone!
    i think if u have to have the drip they advise epidural i have herd as i think theres less gaps in between contractions!
    my best mate had it thats what she said.
    anyway im off out tonite for a curry try get this labour over with lol
    although wouldnt be great timing as we have my OH son for the weekend as well! but thats sods law so im thinking it mite happen 2 nite ! lol
    take care girls thanx 4 ure replys it meens alot
    Lisa xx
  • Completely understand what you mean about wanting to feel you know the mw- in my case I'm lucky if I see the sane one twice anyway so don't really build up any relationship....
    How's it going? Are you done yet image
    hope all goes well and have everything crossed for you, I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I can't wait to read you're birth announcement x
  • still here ! still pregnant!
    am 39 weeks so cant moan yet i suppose!
    am getting all the texts .. any movement yet etc ! so annoying lol.. from my mum!
    have been looking in due in may and theres a few BA in there! so scary ! lol
    ive been doing my best to turn baby from my back but dunno if i have or not!
    will keep u all updated
  • Hi Lisa, I know this must be a really scary time for you and I guess when it happens it happens. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it happens soon and that it's quick. I think as long as labour is quick and you can see the end is near relatively quickly then it kinda helps a bit. Plus, you don't really get time to think about it, you just have to get on with it.
    I can't wait til you're telling us its all over and how you had worried over nothing!! Stay positive ok (well try anyway!)
    Take care and more hot curries I think, lol
    Luv Kathryn xxx
  • Aww, good luck Lisa, i ditto everything that Kathryn has said, take care, thinking of you, hang in there xxx
  • Hi Lisa,
    No advice from me i'm afraid but just wanted to send my love & best wishes your way, I can't believe this forum is soon to get it's first (of many) happy endings!! Good luck xx
  • Not long now! Sending you all the luck in the world.... Cant wait to see your babies birth announcement image xxx
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