consultant appt regarding the bleeding

well had my appt yesterday and she did another cervical scan as was worried it was a show and i was gonna deliver!!!!!
my cervix is even longer than last week ...phew!
she just said that of all bleeding in pregnancy a third is unexplained....
so as i have had no blood for about 4 days now and urine/bp etc were fine taht was the end of the appt and just said if i have any more bleeding i must go staight back in,
i must say that the consultants at my hospital are very very good and thorough!!
wish everyone had such thorough care not just consultant led people...... im sure if id have had so much care last time things would have been different...... seems wrong to have to lose a baby to get good care!!
anyway hope no ones snowed in!!


  • Thats good news, must have been scary when she said she was worried you were going to deliver!! And at least you're getting good care, I'll be meeting my consultant for the first time next week to get the PM results, I was 27 weeks when i lost Ewan and had no mention of seeing a consultant at all throughout my pregnancy!!

    I'm snowed in a little, well enough for my son's school to be closed and the college where I work to be closed!! I've had 2 days off this week already!!

    Anyway, I'm glad you've had some positive news, i have my fingers crossed it will stay that way xx
  • Really glad bleeding has stopped and consultant positive and helpful. Dotty I have only seen consultant in this pregnancy purely because i was pregnant when I discussed pm results so she offered a scan. Not seeing her again but am seeing another consultant at my standard scan times (12 week after scan, 20 week at scan) I was meant to be consultant led with angel because of my sons visualprobs but didn't see any!
  • Really gald the bleeding has stopped, fingers crossed it continues to stay away! You must have ot a fright when mw thought you were going to deliver... Hope you are feeling 'ok' xx
  • hello everyone i lost my son almost 2 years ago stillbirth this is the first time i really have been able to talk about it and i would like to ttc again with clomid should i?
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