Another consultant appointment out of the way!!

Hi girls,

Just thought i'd give a quick update on me. I saw the consultant yesterday and got an antenatal check i wasn't expecting so got to hear both heartbeats again, both going stong and easier to find than the last time they tried. Anyway, discussed birth options, I've said I want to have them naturally if thats possible (i must be mental) and she advised that providing the first one to come out was head down then that wouldn't be a problem. The 2nd baby can be breech as the birth canal is open and ready, plus once the first one is out the 2nd one often has space to turn into position!! So fingers crossed thats how it's all going to happen!! She also said that although it's ultimately my choice they do recommend an Epidural for twins births, just in case medical intervention is needed it will mean no need to be put under general anaesthetic and having to wait!! I've never fancied having an Epidural before as i'm quite scard of the thought of them sticking a needle into my back, but they are the experts and I agree it would be best to be prepared!!

I have another scan in 2 weeks (i'll be 24 weeks) and then see the midwife again at 25 weeks, followed by another scan at 28 weeks. She said she'll book me into to see her after my 28 week scan, but i said I need to see someone at 27 weeks or i'll go mental (thats when i lost Ewan), which she agreed with me, so I have another antenatal / consultant appointment at 27 weeks which has put my mind at rest :\)

I think thats it for me at the moment, seeing an anaethetist this afternoon so will discuss Epidural with them later. Apart from that i'm just plodding along and counting the weeks until i finish work (9 weeks today).

Hope you are all keeping well??

Jackie xx :\)


  • Hi Jackie, I'm so glad things are going so well for you and yourebeing looked afterwith all your appts, scans and hb checks. What a great surprise to get to hear them today and no doubt a wonderful relief too.
    I'm glad you're getting even more scans and they think you can have your natural birth- sounds very exciting, I'm also weary of an epidural but given your situation it does sound like a good idea and tbh I'm just as weary of a c-section as an epidural so really I'm useless lol! I can't believe how quickly time is going for everyone and I'm just so pleased it's all good news. I bet you can't wait to start your maternity leave, you must be absolutely exhausted, especially in this heat! O/t from here but did you get one of those bump bras in the end? Sounded so good if it works, I hope you found something anyway, take care and wishing you well for your next set of appts x
  • Wow Jackie,

    Thats great news, so glad that everything seems fine with you and the twins!!! Its excellent that they're keeping a close eye too and glad that they agreed to see you at 27 wks as you need to feel as relaxed as possible.

    Can't advise on the epidural as with Thomas i just had gas and air (i suprised myself n hubby i think he he) but guess they know what they're talking about, they'll look after you. I do know that it isn't a needle that stays in your back tho, its just a plastic bit of tubing although a needle might be used to insert it so try not to worry.

    Wow, only 9 wks to go until you finish work, that'll fly by, you finishing at 31 wks then?

    Hubby n I are getting from day to day trying to keep ourselves busy. We ordered Thomas' headstone last Friday which will take about 8-10 wks before it can be put up.....still waiting to see if we get any results which should be about now but still haven't heard much waiting. As for ttc, we're trying but its so hard not to get stressed about it all....anyway thats my update.

    Take care and glad that all is well xxx
  • hiya!
    pleased to hear things r going great!!
    i think being the wimp i am id opt for a c section for twins but well done u !! u go girl lol!! saying that i quite enjoyed my labour last time and i suppose with twins u dont want to be in pain with healing and the scar for 6 weeks do u !!
    and im glad u r seeing someone at 27 weeks, thats a big milestone to pass i guess x
    bet u r big? does it notice u r carrying twins?
    and looking forward to maternity leave!
    keep us updated !
    take care
    Lisa xx
  • Hi Jackie, i'm really pleased everything is going well and your twins sound like they are thriving. Hope you arn't working too hard, you must be shattered, its amazing how fast 9 wks will fly by though.
    I think if you can have a natural birth thats wonderful. Plenty of others have had a natural birth with twins, so hopefully you'll be one of them. I've never had an epidural, but I think once they've set it up its just a case of topping it up. It sounds like gud advice if you're going to try and deliver the twins naturally.
    Take care, Luv kathryn xxx
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