BFP and scared!

Hi guys,

I got my BFP yesterday and then again today on a CBD which stated 2-3 weeks!

I'm so nervous and scared! I really have to stop worrying as it will be no good for the baby and my stress levels. It's hard because I know getting to 12 weeks wont be enough, I lost Ian at 20 weeks so will prob worry right up until then if not further on!

Pregnancy is supposed to be a magical time but I'm scared I wont enjoy this pregnancy or bond with my bump because I'm so scared of looking it!

Do I make sense or just being silly?

Becky xxx


  • Congratulations image totally understand how you are feeling, I lost angel at 20 weeks and am on about week 7+6days now and petrified. Doesn't help that I'm sure it was a sicky bug that lost my angel and I've been really ill yesterday so wish they'd give me an earlier scan image a lady at a toddler group I go to announced her bfp at 8 weeks and I thought she was crazy 'well I feel fine!' ..... But that's how we all felt and it meant nothing! It will be very stressful but your gp will at least take you seriously and not a neurotic. Just take care, look after yourself and wishing you all the best x
    don't know if you'll get any extra scans but worth seeing gp straight away jic.
  • Congratulations!!!! I think your totally normal...think I will be the same when my time comes. Try to relax, easy said I know. You will bond with your bump but you've been hurt & it will happen in time. Take great care xxxx
  • hi congrats hun , but as u i'm exactly the same i lost my baby charlie during labour so the worry for me will go right untill i've got my healthy baby in my arms , i'm 11 wks tomorrow , i've had a scan evry fornight so they are really looking after me which is great i go this wk o thurs for my next scan i'm hoping they treat this as my dating scan , i also havent really bonded with my bump as i'm so scared to as it could be so easily be taken away from me again xx take care hope u both have a heathy and not to stressful pg xx
  • Hi,
    You make perfect sense, i'm not yet in your position but i can't wait to be, but at the same time i'll be terrified! I lost my son at 27 weeks, so any new pregnancy is going to be full of worry, I don't think i'll realx until the baby is in my arms.
    Congratulations on your BFP, wishing you a H&H 9 months xx
  • congratulations!... its totally understandable for you to be terrified- i know i will be. I hope you have a healthy, happy and quick 9 months! xx
  • Congrats Becky_Lou. Feeling very left out now with you all getting your BFP's! Pleased for you though and hoping you have a happy & healthy 9 months.
    George, x
  • im also in same position, i lost my little girl at around 24wk but i had complications all the way through pregnancy, my biggest fear is not making it through first 12weeks, then i might relax once past them xx
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