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Hi everyone,

I tend to read the posts and not reply cos I don't know what to say most of the time. I know words don't take away our pain.

However, I have POAS for the 8th time this morning and finally got my........................


LMP was 13/10/09 which gives me a due date of 20/07/09 there is 2 x howevers with this one though... 1... I used the clear blue one that tells u how many weeks and it said 1-2 and 2... My dad's bday is 25/07 and I had mentally thought about this for the last 2 weeks and said if I am it will come on his bday and prob a boy.

God I can't put into words how I feel... excited, nervous, scared....


  • Dippymummy

    I am g/c from "Due in July" but saw your post on the homepage and just wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have read all your posts about your gorgeous Charlie and i also made a donation to your charity page a few weeks ago - so if you come over to "Due in July" then i look forward to chatting more to you! congratulations again.

  • Congratulations.......... I know words don't take away the pain, but I think it's nice sometimes just to chat to people who really understand not just try to.
    I'm really pleased for you and wish you a very happy and healthy 9mths and onwards. do you know whether you'll get any additional care this time around? I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say you should feel free to chat on here when you're needing extra support x

    I don't want to sound nosey but you said a bfp after 8 tests. My lmp was 20/10 so a week after you and had thought a test would show up now if I were lucky enough to get a bfp? Is this the first bfp you'd had since last week? I'm really desperate to get my bfp and have hope that I am, based on dreaded ss BUT am worried my times done for this month as in theory tomorrow is af day image

    Congratulations and take care x
  • Hi dippymummy,

    Congratulations, thats fantastic news, you and your hubby must be thrilled!! I can totally understand all the emotions you are going through and I truly hope you have a happy & Healthy 9 months image Lets hope we get to see a few more BFP's on this forum, hopefully our little Angels will be sending them through for us.

    Big hugs xx
  • sooooo happy chick we are in tthis together your due a month after me so pleased for u are angel charlie boys are looking after there mummys take care hun xxx
  • Waiting4baby... I first did a test 4 days before AF was due and it was negative. I did CB and FR tests then and all neg... I switched to cheapies n all negative. OH said to me on Sunday he wanted me to test with the CB again cos he wasn't convinced the cheapies were right. I had pg symptoms - pretty much identical to how I felt when I was pg with Charlie and my best friend said she knew I was pg on Sat so I did a cheapie first and it was neg and then followed with a CB (pee'd in a pot) and it came straight up with positive!!!! I was 6 days late with AF.... I would try a CB one, we did the one which tells u how far too...

    Good luck!!!!
  • Thank you. I have 1 CBd left in the house and am petrified to use it now, I'm feeling sick with fear! Am going to try and hold out until next week just because it's a pricey bfn stick so will give af a good chance to return! I've also heard cbd aren't quite as sensitive as the first response ones. This is so damn hard!!!!

    Congrats again and hope you are doing well x
  • Yeah I was like that but I got a negative with a FR one and a positive with CB so for me I would use CB over FR every time.

    Each to their own babes, have u any pg symptoms?

  • Hi dippymummy

    Congratulations! I know that you will now have many anxious weeks and months ahead but stay positive and push your midwife for the care that you need.

    Love George, x
  • G/C from baby but just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations! I have been following your story and was so hoping you got your BFP! So pleased for you.
  • Hi, you were right, I got my bfp on a cbd (at last!) and did an fr this morning to confirm it.

    I had symptoms but was scared they were just in my head, depression, a bug .... But poas has finely robed me not crazy! Hope your pregnancy is going well and we both get to share stories of all the beautiful things our babies are doing for years to come x

    Good luck to everyone else and i pray we all get our bfp's and most importantly our specially sent babies x take care x
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