First scan done.....

Had my official scan today and thankfully all is ok but I'm only measuring 9weeks so have have one more week of additional stress that I thought I'd done already! Because it's so early I'm being scanned again in 4 weeks which is great as I'll get a bit more reassurance and I just hope this little ones a keeper. I know it's silly but I found a penny on the floor in the waiting room and picked it up 'pick a penny up & all day long you'll have good luck!' - I've taped it to the scan pic book! ????I won't give a due date yet as they said it would be more accurate next scan but it Looks like it's probably going to be early august now instead.
I was seen by a consultant too who talked through both zachariah and angels pregnancy and I'd mentioned my link on being sick the week before she died. She actually said it is possible as even though the pm came back fine there is no way they could possibly scan for every virus known to mankind- I'm not sure if this makes me happier knowing there may be a reason or absolutely petrified that I might catch anything but am glad I saw her. At the moment I'm going to be consultant led and deliver on ward as although she offered a mid-wife led section at the hospital i think I want to know medical attention is immediately on hand. (zachariah was actually rescusitated but I only found out by looking at my notes!!!!!!!!!!!)
Has anyone else decided about delivery yet?????

Hope everyone else is doing well and wishing healthy pregnancies or speedy bfps to you all x ????


  • so glad ure scan went wellx

    i know what u meen about scared to catch something if it could have been an unknown virus as i had an infection (tho we dont know what) everything came back negative only my crp and white cells and temp were high .. indicating infection.... its so tough isnt it!
    i think its good where u decided to deliver , even for just sum reasurance. and peace of mind.....
  • Glad it went well for u hun, I have my official 12 wk one next friday (8th), but have had a private one which measured me at now 10+1... still waiting to see my consultant though image

    I keep thinking that I don't know if I will be able to deliver this baby naturally, I think I will be so scared of losing control. With Charlie it was fine until it came to the pushing stage then it kinda went out of my hands and I want it to be calm and I want to be in control. It sounds so irrational, I can't explain it, I keep thinking of just going for a section as it is my way of being in control... does that make sense?

    Its like bf, I half want to do it but I don't. I never bf Charlie as he was on PICU for so long, I expressed for him and I am happy to express for this baby just dont know if I can bring myself to bf.

    Anyone else with these irrational fears?

  • Thank you both. I think the dates could be right as I got my bfp a week after af due and consultant said it could be I just Ov'd late as first af after angel. They did say though that this early they couldn't be certain with the measurements so not confirming any edd until the 12 week scan ( I'll actually be closer to 13+ by then) it is absolutely petrifying as I know you all understand it to be.
    I do understand the idea of wanting ac-section but I don't know if I want that or not. I'm scared of everything and I guess it might take some risk out of it but I'd like to think that they'll moniter me so closely this time that any risk would be dealt with asap- I might think harder about it closer to the time though. I think with bf it's worth giving a go but no disaster if you don't. Obviously I never got the chance with angel and zachariah refused to bf so I solely expressed. At the time I'd been upset but I actually think it's quite convenient to have milk ready and not need to have my boobs on tap.
    I think it's so difficult as all our fears are amplified as it's not just a niggle for us but a memory of reality!
    Good luck with your scans and wishing everyone all the best x
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