My Birth Story

My birth story,
Well my due date was 12/5/10
On 12/5/10 at 3pm i had a small show. Was very exited but then started googling it and it said labour could still be weeks away! So then got quite disheartened, anyway picked my daughter up from school and took her to ballet, got home feeling really normal but decided to eat a whole pineapple and bounce on my ball before dinner because i was encouraged by the show. Was having dinner bout half 8 and had a dull period pain, by about 10pm i was having pains but wernt that painfull but were coming regularly. Mick started timing them on contraction timer and they were coming every 10 mins exactly!!!!!, i decided to have a bath with a view that if they were Braxton hicks it would kinda knock them off track and id go to bed. Pains were still coming in the bath and were getting stronger and u could see my whole belly go really tight and sort of shrink wrap round the baby during a contraction so much so even mick noticed that. Got out the bath and got into bed and got straight back out as the pain notched up a gear ! i was now starting to breathe through the pains, they wasn't unbearable but i was practising as i had been reading the hypnobirthing book and cd. Mick the rang triage at my hospital they said to come in! Got my hospital bags together and mick got the car seat and i freaked out i said don't bring that it puts me under pressure!lol
Decided to ring my mum at 11.30pm to ask her to come over as she with mick was my birthing partner and my dad would have to come and sit with Frankie who was sound asleep anyway. Got to the hospital 11.55pm it was empty! There were two midwives in triage and asked me to do a urine sample. When i went to the loo the rest of the mucous plug had come away and i sort of knew now this was it! When she tested the urine i asked if it was ok and she says it tells me u r in labour as it has blood and bits and bobs in it ! then she asked to examine me and i didn't want her too bcoz i was really coping well with the pain and chatting and joking, i thought if she tells me im 1cm i will lose all positivity, anyway she said she really should do one so she went round to labour ward and brang round a canister of gas and air to relax me for the examination , had about 2 puffs and decided didn't need it yet, anyway turns out i was 5cm with bulging membranes and baby was back to back and the head was still quite high, so was sent off round to labour ward. One midwife who sort checked me in used to go to the same baby group i took Frankie too so that was weird!
Went through my birth plan and notes etc and my birth plan was basically go with the flow c what happens! Then i did ask if i could use the pool as my room had it! And midwife says she gotta check as im classed as high risk and need constant monitoring with the heartbeat thingy, they also set me up with iv antibiotics incase of strep b, again just a precaution. After about 10 mins of being strapped up to the machine i told them i didn't want it on i was taking it off and opted for them to listen in on baby every 15 mins instead!
Then had a shot of meptid did take the edge off a bit, was just standing leaning over bed mick behind me rubbing my back and mum in front on the other side of my bed.i was rocking my hips trying to turn and lower the baby then started feeling pressure so midwife examind said i was fully dialated!!
My waters still hadn't gone so midwife had her hand inside and said push on next contraction to release membranes and did ! all over my feet and i had flip flops on so made it really slippery!then i was pushing but it just didn't feel right so i squatted and he just still felt quite high, the pain and pressure was really bad at this point was shouting help me ! lol then i climbed onto the bed holding on to the back that didn't feel right either so i just laid on my back knees apart. One midwife was so good she had my foot in her side telling me to push all i can remember saying i am pushing !! then i said get the vontouse! (i had this with me daughter and i just remember the relief when she was finally sucked out!) the doctor then came in and showed me forceps and said u don't need these u can do it!! I cant believe what the forceps look like or how big they are they realy scared me!!!
I was pushing what seemed like forever but was actually only recorded as 16 minutes! Eventually i managed to get him out!!! What a relief they put him on my belly the most amazing feeling ever! 2.33 am he was born after arriving at hospital 11.55pm so very quick! 8lb 11oz!

Mick cut the cord and after the injection in my thigh the placenta just slid out ! i got a 2nd degree tear so had to be stitched (didn't feel the tear) was then left to feed baby etc for an hr or so then we got him dressed and i had a shower! Had some toast!, just got Vinnie all dressed and settled and the midwife then came to give him his vit k and a one off antibiotic jab (one in each thigh ouch !! ) and done a blood sugar thing on him and made him scream like mad! was told there was no space on post natal ward so was kept on labour ward but when i was finally took up i had a private room which was great as i had to stay in 24 hrs, again just a precaution of the strep b!. The first night he slept from 10 till 6 ! lol
Anyway sorry was so long was a good experience looking back
Thanx 4 reading take care hope everyones doing great and cant wait for this forums next ba!!
Lisa and Vinnie 4days old x


  • A lovely story hun! Can we a see a photo of Vinnie? I can't wait to be able to share my BA! Your story has given me hope that I will take this baby home! Well done you and congratulations on little Vinnie, love the name too! Xxx
  • Thats a fantastic birth story, more tears on the way I think for me!! I am so very happy for you, Mick and Frankie and your well deserved happy ending xx
  • Awh congratulations Lisa, well done, so glad everything went ok and little Vinnie is here safe and sound. I'm so happy for you and your family.
    Reading your birth story brought a tears to my eyes.If you can put a photo on sometime that would be fab. Take it easy and enjoy your early days with your new little son.
    Lots of Love Kathryn xxx
  • thanx 4 ure lovely messages,
    will put a piccie on l8r as i dont know how ! lol
    will get mick 2 do it l8rxx
  • Hi Lisa,

    Glad the experience was positive and that you've come out the other side. Take care and enjoy every minute. Congratulations xxx
  • Aww lovely birth story, so happy for you and your family! Hope Vinnie is settiling in well. Massive welldone again!! !xxx
  • I'm just so happy for you and hope you're all having a lovely family time X
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