Hi, I have now finally had my implant removed and can start ttc straight away. My question to you is what is the best way to find out when i ovulate?

I haven't had a regular cycle since having the implant so i don't even konw how long my cycle is.

Hope you can help.


  • Have you thought about an ovulation kit,the others here will tell you the best ones,i do believe there was another post on this,but ebay i understand is the best on price.
  • I'm in the same situation I have my coil removed tomorrow and since having that fitted (its the one with the hormone pack) I haven't had a regular cycle. I've had the coil now for around 10 years so I too haven't any idea how long my cycle is or any idea of dates at all.

    So I have bought an ovulation testing kit on Ebay was quite cheap so decided it was worth a try. Bought it a few hours ago and just reieved an e-mail to say its been dispatched so quick delivery too!

    Cheryl x
  • Hi thanks for the advice. what was the name of the kit that you bought? I have looked on ebay but there is so many on there it's hard to know whats best.
  • Hi

    I bought.....PRIVATE- 50 OVULATION/PREGNANCY TEST TESTS - YOU DECIDE from the buyer called fertilityplan.

    They had nearly 35,000 feedback and lots of postive feedback left.

    Was only £9.00 including delivery for 50 and you could choose your combinations of ovulation or pregnancy testing strips. They have instructions on their page and also look quite stright forward to use which is good for me!!

    Was loads of different ones on there they had most feedback. Will let you know how I go on with them.

    Cheryl x
  • Hi i used the clearblue ones for a while and they worked well, just me that was faulty!! Can i ask if implant made you feel bit funny and hormonal?
  • I am ttc too. Have two kids and still don't find this ovulation lark easy. Don't think I ovulated at all last month. Oh well, keep tryin'
  • Hi thanks for replying I will ha look on there again today and get some.

    SarahH79 I got a little bit hormonal but nothing serious. I think they say it takes about 6months for it to really settle down.
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