Anyone tried acupuncture

Hi my friend went for accupuncture and got pregnant almost straight away, she'd been trying for 4 years. Not saying that was why she fell pg but its worth a try. Good luck!!


  • hi i was looking at having that done as im ttc 1 it has now been nearly 3years now you will have to let me now how you get on what is the price like to have it done
  • Must admit i'm not keep on acupunture but have thought about reflexology! Might give that a go
  • let me now how you get sarsh how are you to day
  • Hi Jade - i'm fine thank you - although today I found out someone else is pregnant at work - grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    How are you?

    Emily - if I wasnt scared of needles I would prob have a go of accupunture but i do like the idea of having my feet done
  • bless you sending lots of baby dust also my ticker is wrong i am due on tomorrow and have no signs of it yet i now you prob didnt want to hear that but i dont want to hide it from you your time will come
  • i am great not had no tummy pains or anythink this month it has been great the only thing is for the last couple of days i have felt very faint yes it was my seconed lot of clomid how are you
  • i dont no will have to ring them
  • Sarah and jade, i really have everthing crossed for you both, know how it feels to want it so much. Going to be so excited for you when your times come x x x
  • thanks that is so nice how are you
  • I'm ok, just doing one day at a time and it seems to be working, feel alot less stressed. I've got 2 weeks til i go back to work and not sure how i feel bout that, extra money will be nice tho. Not long now til you finish college, bet your really excited x
  • Hi girls,

    Jade - sending lots of luck that no AF appears Let me know how you get on

    Sarah thats so sweet of you - glad your feeling better! What do you do for a living?
  • Work with the elderly, not what i want to do anymore but its easiest way to not have to put jd in childcare and still work for now
  • thnks sarah i will text you tomoz to tell you if i have af or not not going to test till thursday
  • Sarah - can you take him to work with you? That would be fab

    Jade - yea defo send me a text - sending lots of baby dust and I havent forgot Dumbo
  • thanks sarah i have such a bad memory today lol
    hade to think what you were on about when you said Dumbo
    jade xxxx
  • OMG How did you forget Dumbo - it was soooo cute
  • No i wouldn't be allowed, plus i'd rather he's in his cot, nice and cosy.
  • lol sharah it took awhile
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