Specialist referral

hi i am jade on the first appointment they will ask you loads of questions and tell tou what they will do wether you will have to take tablets and what test they will do
iam on clomid at the mo 2nd cycle on it
what you have to remember is everyone is diffrent and so is every hospital were iam in northampton they are quite good were are you from how long have you been trying to concive
jade xxxx


  • Hi emily, i went thro all the tests and had a laproscopy and they found i had endometriosis. One month after i got pregnant naturally, after 3 years of trying like mad. Hope your app goes well and they can give you some answers, will be wishing you lots of luck x
  • Good luck with the appt and hopefully the trtment Emily-Jane.
  • Hi sorry i dont know what happens at the appointments but just wanted to wish you luck. Hope everything goes well for you xx
  • Hi there everyone. I'm new to this site but have been following sites for a long time for some reassurance. My fiancè and I have been trying for 2.5 years, were healthy and lead healthy active life styles but have had trouble ttc. My partner has had tests (not so great results but are yet to be talked through thr results with someone) and I've also had tests (all come back clear) my partner has always thought it may be him with the problem as he's only got one testicle. He was told when a child that everything would be fine with starting a family but he feels its where the struggle lies. 

    We now have a date for a referral which I think it's just a check up for me as its with a nurse and one app is with the GynO. I just really wanted to know if any of y were in a similar situation? I'm thinking about going to a fertility support group or setting one up. I'm quite private person but feel it's something I need to talk about as things are getting more serious. All of my friends are having baby's which is Soo lovely but so difficult when they're so fertile it's hard not to feel really alone and it's not sometning that is fair to discuss with them as their journey is not the same as our journey. Fiancé is great and feels sad we haven't yet got a family. Hard for me as he feels it's all his fault so I'm trying to keep strong for me but also strong for him. Ive explained to him that it's not his problem it's OUR problem and obstacle not just his. Hoping that helps lift his confidence and self love. 

    good luck everyone so glad we're all on this together and hope we can build the sister hood bond and help one another. Ps is it only us that find it hard to get in the mood after ttc for so long 😫 Any tips on getting in the mood and enjoying SeX For what it is rather than feeling is something we have to do xx love to you all 

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