Ok I've made an appointment!

OOOoooo Sarah, that's great. Hope it all goes ok. Sending baby dust your way, good luck. xxxx


  • Awww thats fab Sarah - sending you lots of baby dust and glue

    Have you told your children or will you be keeping it as a surprise
  • fab! you've just reminded me though, forgot my docs apt tonight! Was going to sort out my contraception before baby no.4 arrives!!! lol
  • Oh thats great.... feel excited for you. Good luck!!
  • Oh wow Sarah, that's so great Wishing you lots of luck!
    How's your hubby feeling about it all? x x x
  • Good luck sarah. Keep us posted!
  • Thats great,wishing you bothe the best of luck.
  • Good Luck Sarah!
    Fingers crossed for you!!!!
  • Oh wow, good luck Sarah!!

    Keep us posted xx
  • Did you go to the docs?

    You are very brave and I wish you the best of luck, ttc.

    I am plodding on with the ttc.
  • Good luck, hope it goes ok and ttc doesnt last too long for you xx
  • Sarah,

    That's so good to have your Doctor support you.

    Good luck with conceiving, keep us informed!

  • Glad the appointment went well Sarah and that your doctor was encouraging. Keep us posted xxx
  • Good luck - sounds like you have a very suportive doctor which is great!

    I know when I asked mine to take my coil out he refused as he said he wouldn't take one out or put one in a woman with no children!! Thought I was going to be stuck with it forever!
  • Sarah, that is fab - wishing you lots of luck x x
  • Cheryl, can't believe the doctor said that - How ridiculous!! i had the coil fitted before children as am allergic to most other contraceptives, my doctors were very supportive. However, didn't work very well, see first ticker!!
  • Sarah thats wonderful that you Dr is being supportive,i think its great,and fait obviously had you in mind to be a mum again.

    Wishing you the best of luck.xx
  • Thats great your dr was so supportive. Wishing you lots of luck and hope we get some news soon x x
  • Sarah glad the doctor was supportive, good luck ttc xx
  • Hi

    Not sure why my doctor refused to take it out, he went on and on about how risky it is. Ended up calling the local family planning clinic and they agreed to take it out for me!
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