Hi all! I'm new!!

Hi everyone!

I am new and TTC! Well, I am ordering an ovulation kit from ebay cos I have no idea about my cycles due to years of being completely messed up in terms of AF and cycles!

According to my strict timeline I should be pregnant by now, but hey ho! Things never quite go to plan. Main problem is that hubby has gone to work away since February and only see each other every3 weeks or so for a weekend. My libido is very very low and AF visiting for 32 days doesn't help!!

Anyhoo, that's me. Want to be pregnant, quit work, have kids and be a housewife!!


  • Hi, im claire mum to josh 6, isaac 1 and leighton who would be 2 but was stillborn. iam not ttc but a few others on here are. welcome to pp
  • Hi Ya,

    I'm Sarah and ttc#1 and I know how you feel I had a timeline - I should be 6months pregnant but i'm not LOL Oh well more fun praticing - always a bright side

    Look forward to chatting to you soon.

    P.S whats your name x
  • Ooh, My name is Sara. This will be number 1 when it happens! (no hash mark on my keyboard for some reason!!)

    Just ordered 25 pregnancy and ovulation kits so can't wait to start testing!!

  • Hi Sara - theres lots of Sarahs on here

    You should come into the lounge theres usually someone lurking there - at the mo its been really busy and manic as we have new site launching and loads of us are trying it out so all the gossiping goes on in there

    Good Luck with ttc#1 if you wanna chat PM me
  • Hi Sara

    Welcome to PP!!
    I'm Dawn, mummy to Cameron who's 14 months.

    Good luck with ttc, sending you lots of baby dust!!
  • hiya sarah am trying for a baby to i had a misscarriage xxx
  • Hi all... thanks for your hellos and baby dust. Right back at you all too!!

    Sam, sorry to hear that, I hope it all goes well for you too.
  • Hi im Emma mum to riley 3 1/2.
    Welcome to pp,look forward to chatting.
  • Hi sara, I'm Emma Mum to Sophie5 and William 3 and twin to tasha, also a regular on here!

    Good luck with the ttc x
  • Hi Sara

    I'm Cheryl and ttc no 1. Only been trying for a month or so.

    Anyway just wanted to say Hi

    Cheryl x
  • Hi sara,

    I'm Karen mami to Hollie who is now 9 months old. I am also ttc #2 but not having much luck as i am b/feeding. Maybe when i finish we can try properly.

    Look forward to chatting to you and good luck ttc. xx
  • Hi welcome to PP.

    I am Stacey, mum to bayley and ttc #2.
    good luck & lots of baby dust
  • Hi sara welcome to pp

    wishing you lots of luck with ttc

    hope you'll follow us onto the new pp when the changeover happens next week xxxx
  • Hi sara,
    I am Pauline mum to Bethany age'd 9 and Rowen age'd 7, ttc number 3. Hope you enjoy it here on PP, there are some great girls here all very supportive!
    Good luck and sending plenty of baby dust.
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