6th month ttc

I know its not along time compared to some ppl ttc here but Sam came home today and said - do you know we've been ttc for 6months now - he never worries about anything but you could hear it in his voice when he said it and this time it was me having to explain that 6months is nothing - maybe my head is now taking in the whole dont pressurise yourself mood

Anyway just wanted to say as cant believe last 6 months have gone so fast and thats how long i've been speaking to some of you


  • aah hun, you are right my friend took way over a year to get pregnant with both her boys. So she started trying for baby no. 3 thinking it would take ages again she got pregnant straight away...and her weddings next month (hope the dress fits!!!)

    So don't worry hun, I know docs don't do anything until you have been properly trying for at least a year. Enjoy the peace and me time and it will happen im sure xxx
  • Aw thanks girls

    Nicola - I told Sam all the statistics lol it seems that I have learnt more than I thought lol

    Mel thanks for the baby dust its much appreciated
  • Hi Sarah,

    It is tough for the men too. I remember James was worse than me if I came on when we were trying for Jack. You just have to stay relaxed, keep looking after yourself and see what happens.

    Blowing you some baby dust.

    Take care, xx
  • oh sarah sending you and sam lots of baby dust
    keeo your chine up it will happen when its ment to happen
  • Sarah, i'm sure your time's just around the corner!!

    Sending you lots and lots of baby dust xxxx
  • Sarah I have been ttc on and off for over a yr and considering the doctor's after my hol in July. You are not alone! x
  • Aaahhh Sarah, it really does seem like you have been listening to us!!

    I totally understand how long the 6 months must have felt to you but like i'e said before it most likely will suddenly happen that's what happened to me after 10months of solid trying!! I couldn't believe it!

    Sending you lots and lots of baby dust hun!

    Oh and how lovely that we've been friends for 6 months too, about time we met, me thinks!! xx
  • Thanks girls - I know its not long compared to some - I have a friend who just miscarried after IVF and has been trying for about 3yrs

    Tasha - I'm still considering the 15th July If works carries on being a nightmare may just book it next week will come back to you about that
  • Pauline, forgot to ask when is your holiday booked for?

    I found a website yesterday called Netdoctor and it was fab - had so many questions that ppl had asked about ttc and answer really good website - told me loads that I didnt realise before
  • sarah does that mean you are coming up this way
  • Morning Jade - hows you?

    Well its a possibility - I'm not sure yet though - lol

    I think it works out about 2hours away so not to far - how long did it take you guys to get down this way
  • it tooks us 2 hours and that was in traffic and it was in the van so it will be a bit quicker in the car you will have to let me now
  • Sarah sending you lots and lots of baby dust, i know i have said in a pm but want to say again you will make a brilliant mami and i am sure your time will come soon. Until then enjoy being just the two of you, there are some days when i have a horror for a daughter and i would do anything to get that back. xx
  • Awww thanks Karen thats so sweet - I know - I was saying the the other day on MSN when I was moaning on and on to remind me of that conversation lol

    Jade - ok 2 hours in a van so should be just under cool will let you know
  • i agree, sometimes i could happily hand you over josh and isaac and have some us time with paul instead!
  • Sarah, going away after the kids break up in July for a week.
  • ohhh good luck with the b'ding Pauline
  • Ah bless,but like the others have said these things take time.
    All the best.
  • big hugs hun

    i know it feels like forever when your waiting. it took 14 months with my first and i thought i would get caught straight away then my 2nd was straight away when i thought oh here we go another year

    i hope it happens soon for you xxx
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