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Hi All, Im 33, 34 this year and i have a 10 year old son.Ive been with my current partner now for nearly 6 years and ttc for around 6 months. I am also about 3 stone overweight. I am trying to lose weight not very well at the moment but i would also like concieve B4 i hit 35.
I have booked a docs appointment for 2moz as im not sure if i ov every month but i do have periods 28 - 33 days cycle.
The questions i have are
1) will the doc just tell me to lose weight?
2) Are ov test worth doing?
3) Am thinking of doing Cambridge diet VLC diet to remove weight quickly then come off and eat healthly, if i do get pregnant.

Any advice would be really helpful.
Fed up with negative preg tests.


  • hi am jade step mom to 4 and ttc 1 it was 2 years befor i went to the doctors but they might be able to help also iam 4 stone over weight acording to my bmi but they are still helping me at the moment i am fertility drugs
    i have never used ov kits but some on on here will be able to help
    hope this is of some help to you jade
    good luck and sending lots of baby dust
  • Hi

    1 and 3 - I am currently losing weight and TTC. The ideal is that you get your BMI between 20 and 25. Mine is currently 25.2!! I am doing it slowly and healthily with Slimming World though. Some women get 3lb losses a week, I get 1lb, but if it comes off slower it will stay off longer! Well, until I put it all back on by getting preggers, only to go through it all again afterwards!! I have read about Cambridge diet and not only is it incerdibly harsh to do but everyone I've spoken to has piled it all on afterwards as it is apparently extremely difficult to go back to normal eating afterwards.

    2 - I bought some ovulation strips on ebay and they seem pretty good so far. I have no clue about my cycle cos I've been so messed up in that department. I'm just interested to find out when it is happening, though I also go by ECM which apparently signifies ovulation (Eggwhite consistency membrane/mucas??)

    Anyway, sorry to witter! Sounds like I'm in vahuely similar postition to you.
  • Hi - Welcome to PP

    I'm Sarah and currently ttc#1 - I've also been trying for 6 months - I think you can visit a dr a yr after trying but I think you have to show them that you've tried charting your cycle etc? Some others will know more.

    I too am not sure if i'm ov'ing every month - I have tried CB Ovu sticks but nothing comes up so i'm just gonna wait and see how things go but they might be worth a try before you rule them out
  • Hi

    I'm Cheryl and ttc number 1 (have only been trying for a month) but I too am a few stone over weight so trying to loose weight at the same time. I have had the ovulation sticks this month but never showed I was ovulating so sorry not sure if they work or not. Have some left so am going to try again with them next month.

    My problem is I'm very stressed sat work at the moment which obviously isn't going to help

    Cheryl x
  • is the Cambridge diet any good i have never heard f it
  • Hi all

    Just an update, ive been to the docs today and discussed ttc.As i should be on today he ask asked me to return in 21 days for a blood test to check if i am ovualting. He thinks my weight isnt a issue as i carry my weigh every where not just 1 place. But says NOT to do a very low cal diet as this can put to much pressure on the body. He says i should try a meditrainian (Sorry Spelt wrong) diet
    Fingers crossed for everyone
  • Thats good the and nice of him to say the weight is not a problem.A med diet sounds quite nice to.
    All the best
  • hi im paula im not ttc but wanted to say good luck to all of you that are. i hope to hear good news from you all soon xxx

  • thats good then
  • Hi

    Glad the doctor was helpful x
  • oooh mediterrainian diet(ive prob spelt it wrong 2!), sounds lovely, salads with olive oil mmmmmmm
  • Glad you're doctor was so helpful!!
    Med (i'm not even going to attempt to spell it!! lol) diet does sound lovely!!

    Good luck with TTC, i'm sending you a bucketful of baby dust xx
  • Good luck with ttc, and i hope the diet goes well it does sound nice. I dont think i have ever really eaten mediterranean food, what kind of things will it include? xx
  • Glad it went well with the doctor

    Dont forget to keep us updated about the next appointment

    Loving the idea of a med diet sounds yummy
  • HI again!

    Sounds positive from the doc. I think I'm like you, carrying the weight all over!

    Med diet would be yummy. I have a 7 day plan from Closer diets which I did last year and lost about 9lb in a couple months. Can't work out how to put it onto this post, so could email it to you if you want! It's a pdf file.

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