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iam a 25year old mum of 11mth old triplets from australia and am finding it hard to find other mums like me to chat to any one out there?


  • Hey sorry to hear that you are finding it difficult to find people to talk to. I'm 24 and 33 weeks pregnant with identical twins and find it all quite overwhelming so to have triplets must be even harder! have you been able to access a multiple birth website/organisation in the UK Tamba ( has lots of links to other multiple groups and I have found them to be very helpful, wondered it there is a australian version? I am always willing to chat tho will apologise in advance if replies are a bit sketchy but keep having scares and ending up in hospital. What are your childrens names? I bet it was a bit of a shock when you found out it was triplets! I am going to a multiple meeting next week and if there are any triplet mums there i will tell them to have a look on this site, to see it they can help/chat at all. take care xx
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